Toxic Clouds Guide

By Mokon

“Since I’ve start playing empires I have been drawn to the Germans. One of my favorite units is the mortar infantry. This unit, with its toxic gas ability, has great potential on the battlefield.”

Lets look at a Toxic Cloud’s statistics:

  • Seventy-five power required to fire
  • -75 HP every two seconds on any unit
  • Gas lasts 25 seconds

Ok so that’s simple enough, however, what is the use of this unit. Well first, it’s superb at decimating enemy armies that are coming towards you, but that is quite obvious. I believe its most important aspect, is to control the battlefield.

So, let me demonstrate:


Red: Enemy Army
Blue: Your Army
Green: Toxic Cloud

In this example, you fire five clouds and it forces the enemy to retreat. Pretty nice huh? Well this is only the beginning!

Here we see a simple divide and conquer tactic. It would also be useful to do this in a normal battle to prevent reinforcements.

So, its really simple, target the correct places on the battlefield and you can direct where the enemy goes, fire it to the center of an army and it might be broken into two, and fire it into the back of the battlefield to prevent reinforcements. However, lets see what it could do in a real battle, with my very own Sine and Line Tactic.

1) Here is the battlefield, just a simple linear tactics strategy.

2) You fire into the center of the enemy.

3) They split up into two groups, at which time you release a barrage of toxic clouds in a sine curve pattern.

4) With the armies split into two you now release a final barrage on the enemy, this time aiming for their center. Send in the troops and clean up any survivors. You have now killed half the enemies’ armies without any causalities.

As you can see, Toxic Cloud has great potential. Now I want to warn you of a few things. First, this scenario was done perfectly, but the chances it will work this well in the real game are slim. This takes a lot of practice to get right, and even than it might not work all the time. Also note this guide is just a very basic one just meant to get you thinking about the use of this special ability. So, get on to it!

Well, Good Luck! I hope this works out for you. Also one more note, the best use you can use a Toxic Cloud for is to bomb a gold mine full of villagers. Oh, how funny it is when the guy doesn’t notice it.

Written by Mokon, a Tsuanmi Studios Project