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Welcome to the Empires Heaven Strategy section. Here you can find articles written exclusively to improve your skills and overall enjoyment of Empires: Dawn of the Modern World.

The Principles of Attacking an Economy by Falcon907; Date: 9/1/06; Version: 1.2.6437+
“The beauty of attacking an opposing economy in a half to full force assault is how it can turn the entire outcome of the match based on how well you can multitask and how original you are with your army and resources at hand, it is only common sense that if your opponent has a bigger army, you must naturally commit yourself to attacking his weak points before he exposes this advantage.”

Retrospect Analysis of Empires: Dawn of the Modern World – Part 1 by DoJo_AntiAmi; Date: 9/7/04; Version: 1.2.6437+
“It quickly spread among the players as recordings killer strategy was distributed. Never in all my RTS years have I seen one strategy proliferate an entire ladder like that. For the next 2 months, every player in the top 100 would be a Korea player.”

The Newbie Guide to Empires by §HÅÐØWGĆE; Date: 9/7/04; Version: 1.2.6437+
“In future chapters, I’ll cover the strategy choices you need to make with regard to land vs. water maps, medieval and gunpowder rushing, booming, and so on. Each of these strategy choices will profoundly change your strategy beyond the first five minutes, but the first two minutes should almost always follow the same script.”

Mechanics of the Boom by DoJo_AntiAmi; Date: 7/24/04; Version: 1.1.6437+
“Empires by nature is a very fast paced RTS, and without shooting TC’s and military units being available right at the first second, Empires really does favor the aggressor in combat. Often it may seem like a rusher’s paradise, but it’s really not.”

The Proper Use of Russia by DoJo_AntiAmi; Date: 5/25/04; Version: 1.1.6437+
“Russia is a little bit more advanced than France, and they require someone who is familiar with the game to play them well. However, I find Russia to have the most potential in WW1 when used correctly.”

The Proper Use of England by DoJo_AntiAmi; Date: 5/25/04; Version: 1.1.6437+
“The English are a good civ to try out once you are well acquainted with the game and its mechanics, and I would not recommend them for the player who does not like micromanagement.”

Noobie Guide – Going to War by HG_Democritus; Date: 4/20/04; Version: 1.1.6437+
“Balance refers to a concept that all things being equal, two similar armies when they meet in battle should cancel each other out and fight to a draw. This is also referred to as the ‘rock/paper/scissor’ RTS equation of play balance.”

Noobie Guide – The First 3 Minutes by HG_Democritus; Date: 4/20/04; Version: 1.1.6437+
“Recently, I have turned on several people to Empires, even providing them with a couple of copies. I think this is a real testament to the quality of this game.”

The Proper Use of France by DoJo_AntiAmi; Date: 2/7/04; Version: 1.1.6437+
“France is a good civ, nice and flexible, which is why I like them. There are many viable strategies with them, and you need to know which one to use and when.”

Hotkey Guide by Mokon; Date: 1/24/04; Version: 1.0.5163+
“Since the dawn of computer games the experts have attempted to optimize how fast they can do things. One of the main ways of doing this is with hotkeys.”

How to play Highlands by AzN; Date: 12/11/03; Version: 1.0.5163+
“On the surface, Highlands may look very similar to Plains. It has the trademark flat elevation in most areas, similar to Plains. However, Highlands is not known for predictability.”

Toxic Clouds Guide by Mokon; Date: 12/09/03; Version: 1.0.5163+
“Since I’ve start playing empires I have been drawn to the Germans. One of my favorite units is the mortar infantry. This unit, with its toxic gas ability, has great potential on the battlefield.”