The Object Tab

Article created by Adder (Woad Creations)

The object tag in the triggers section has many different uses. This article will explain the many ways to use numerous commands.

Below is a screenshot of the object interface.

Let’s start with the way you choose which unit the object will apply for, you have two choices, Select On Map which will allow you to manually select which units apply or Object Specification which will let you specify object attributes to choose your object/s. The top right of the image is the Object Specification area. Under owner you can choose certain players or multiple players. Under family you can choose which object family you want to use, I do not recommend using this option though because it is not known which objects belong in which family. Under class you can choose the unit type (IE Man at Arms). Under Object you can choose a already specified object, I find this option rather pointless though.

Now lets move on to extra attributes you can apply to the unit (The bottom half of the image). The checkmarks in the boxes mean that the checked boxes will apply to the object. The boxes with X in them will apply but as the opposite effect, for instance, the in area, off map effect would mean that the object would apply if the area was on the map. Boxes that are not checked means that nothing applies. If all the boxes were unchecked all that would apply would be the actual object. Most of the bottom area is good for using in conditions as you can have a unit in an area or a unit selected by and so on. In area you can choose a specified area for the object. In LOS has three uses, in line of sight, range or near, you then select a specified object to use. Has Attribute includes many effects, it could be used to determine things about the unit like it’s attack or how much of a resource it is carrying. Visible by is pretty self explanatory, you choose the who it’s Visible by. Has state means that the unit has a specified state, like takeoff for a plane or closed for a gate. Selected by allows you to choose from players who the object is selected by.

That concludes the article, I hope it proved helpful!

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