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Welcome to the Scenario Design Library, Empire Heaven's scenario design section. Here you can find a collection of articles that you can use to help develop your designing and scenario-creating skills with the Empires scenario editor. If you have any further questions you should check out a helpful thread of mine or ask them in the Scenario Design Forum.

Want to submit an article to the Scenario Design Library? To submit an article, send your article in a text document (.txt) attachment to the current Scenario Design Library administrator, Talon Karrde, with a subject of "SD Article". Make sure to include your current forum username and which of the following categories you want your article to be posted in. Please note that we will only accept articles we don't have already. Only quality articles will be posted, so be sure to spell-check/grammar-check your article before sending it.

Scenario Design Library Articles

4 Articles

Scenario Editor - The Basics
This section is for people who are new to the editor and have just started designing. You can find many introduction articles that'll help you become a better scenario designer and understand the Empires editor.

5 Articles

Scenario Editor - Advanced
This section contains design and trick articles for people who are experienced with the editor. After you know the basics, this is the place to go.

14 Articles

Map Design
From city designs to terrain designs, the Map Design section will give you tips, eye candy articles, and new tricks that'll improve your map.

3 Articles

This section contains general articles that relate to story, balance and articles that do not fit in any other category.

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