Ben Schneider, Scenario Design

Ben Schneider

May 30, 2003 by Stainless Steel Studios

What is your favorite game of all time?
Grim Fandango, Starcraft, Darklands

What is the first thing you will do after Empires is released?
Sleep. Maybe go to Spain or New Zealand or India. Or Mars.

What is your gaming nick-name?
I have two: Tesseract and Furious Spork. The second one is more for lan gaming where I can change the name. The ‘Furious’ gets replaced often… and sometimes it’s ‘Spurious Fork’ instead. ‘Tesseract’ is from Wrinkle in Time, but I don’t know why I chose it. I think I like the way it sounds.

Where is the coolest place you have ever been?
My head. But it gets stuffy in there so I make sure to get out of it on occasion.

If you could have dinner with anyone, fictional or real, who would it be?
Akbar, Mughal Emperor of India. It would be good food.