These are interviews with various members of the Stainless Steel Studios team. The interviews are ordered chronologically with the most recent first. Often times, what is said may change at a later date. Always check the date of the article you are reading.

Beran Peter Interview
February 25, 2004 by HeavenGames
Socvazius interviews Peter, SSSI’s production manager and liasion to Activision. Read on in the interview to learn about Stainless Steel’s interaction with their producer, exactly what else he does on the job, plus a couple extra amusing or interesting bits of information!

Rick Goodman PCGamer Interview
September 2003 by PCGamer
Located in our Screenshots Gallery, this interview was done by PCGamer and printed in their September 2003 issue. The interview does not give a whole lot of new information. Interesting bits reside towards the end of the interview. Rick Goodman mentions a few special abilities of the French and Russians, with the French being his favorite civilization. The French excel in “cleverness” while the Russians have Night Strike, Propaganda and Katusha rockets.

Rick Goodman GameSpot Video Interview 2 Transcript
August 6, 2003 by Empires Heaven
Last month, GameSpot released their second video interview with Rick Goodman. The video was only available to those who had a GameSpot Complete account. For those who don’t have a Complete account, we’ve taken the liberty to provide you with a transcript. The interview itself does not provide much new information. Much of what was said is already known. However, Rick does go more in-depth about the two Multiplayer modes, Empire Builder and Action. He explains what he wants Empires to be and the type of audience the game is aiming for.

Rick Goodman EE France Interview – Exclusive
July 14, 2003 by Empire Earth France
Swim of Empire Earth France shared with us an audio interview with Rick Goodman, founder of Stainless Steel Studios. Angel Park was able to transcribe in its entirety. There’re a ton of new things like advanced AI difficulty and improved camera/cutscene creation. Also mentioned are possibilities of a closed beta test and their system requirements goal.

Mike “YoungGunZ” Echino Question and Answer
May 16, 2003 by Obsidian (HeavenGames)
A short and to-the-point interview with Mike “YoungGunZ” Echino. YoungGunZ designs for Stainless Steel Studios and answered questions about the resources, the multiplayer variants and the campaigns.

Rick Goodman Interview
March 17, 2003 by Stainless Steel Studios
This three part interview with Rick Goodman covers his time at Ensemble Studios and workings of the video game industry. In part one, Rick reveals how to get a job in the gaming industry and how important their developer-publisher partnership is. In part two, he explains what skills are necessary when working in the gaming industry. Finally, part three deals with Rick Goodman’s time at Ensemble Studios.

Rick Goodman GameSpot Interview
March 6, 2003 by GameSpot
In this very first interview regarding Empires, GameSpot interrogates Rick Goodman on the much anticipated follow up to Empire Earth. The interview releases the first bits of information regarding civilizations, ages and technologies. Included as well, are details about the single player campaign, the improved engine and multiplayer features. A must read for those just learning about Empires.

Tim “Hank” Scott Interview
February 24, 2003 by Angel Park (HeavenGames)
Angel Park interviews Tim “Hank” Scott, who was a well known designer at Empire Earth Heaven. He proved his abilities when he quickly mastered the scenario editor and debuted with his successful 1981 campaign. After returning from the Air Force, he was nominated for a position at SSSI. Tim “Hank” Scott now designs for the Boston based, Stainless Steel Studios.