Empires Heaven Editorials

Empires Heaven prides itself on providing a friendly home for all Empires player. These articles are intended to offer a personal perspective into the gaming community and our EH site. Our intention is only to educate, entertain, and sometimes rant off our rage =)

Death of RTS Games? – by Angel Park

“Lately, I have this apathy feeling with computer games. A feeling of being lost or just waiting for the next big game to come along that will revolutionize gaming, expand the PC gaming base, and have a golden age online. I’ve been trying to pin point where, when, and why this happened.”

The History of H4x – by Cherub DoJo_AntiAmi

“And I think everybody knows, that during each and every game, someone will inevitably shout out those famous letters “OMG H4X”. Usually, the person is merely crying wolf to excuse his pathetic “n00bishness” at the game, and the person whom he accused is an honest, good gamer. But how did gaming society get to the point where the accusation of someone being a “1337 h4x0r” could be taken seriously?”