United States Units

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The United States is very young compared to the other nations in Empires, but it makes up for it in more ways than one. The US has an abundant amount of resources, manpower, and technology, which truely shined with the start of WWI.


Available – World War I
Key Features – Your strong as nails common battle ambulance used to transport wounded troops and heal when possible.

“The most common Allied WWI Ambulance was a modified Ford Model T, because of its lightweight and strong reliablity. WWI was finally a war where medicine caught up close to war. In all previous wars, it was usually wounds or disease that killed more people than actual fatal bullets.” – Detailed Information

B-17 Flying Fortress

Available – World War II
Key Features – Players will find the B17 to be the strongest of the mighty US bombers. It can easily take down enemy buildings and troops along with enemy fighters.

“Where one B-17 will annoy an enemy, a fleet of a six or twelve will ruthlessly destroy most attacking armies or forward cities. Launched from safe havens well back from the front lines, the mighty Boeing might not win the war single-handed, but it will move the American war effort much closer to victory.” – Detailed Information

B-29 Super Fortress

Available – World War II
Key Features – The B29 was used in the last years of World War II, a much bigger and more expensive relative of the B17. It also carried the life changing atomic bombs used against Japan. A small fleet of B29s will elminate an entire city if a player can afford them and defend them in flight.

“With a top speed of over 350 MPH, and a service ceiling of over 33,000 feet, it was perfectly suited for long-range missions in the Pacific, where it served with distinction from 1944 onward.” – Detailed Information

C-47 Dakota

Available – World War II
Key Features – The Daokta was the top transport plane used by both the Americans and British. Unlike other transport planes, the C-47 allows players to drop all types of different land units instead of just paratroopers.

“Bridging the often-vast distance between factory and battlefield, the C-47 gives the American player a versatile and dramatic way to take the fight to the enemy. Disregarding terrain and obstacles, the mighty Dakota carries the fight to the enemy, dropping a powerful military force where and when the American player desires, and with no way for the enemy to counter the attack.” – Detailed Information

Caproni Bomber

Available – World War I
Key Features – Caproni Bombers used by the US were originally from Italy. The bomber’s ability to bomb several times before returning to base makes it no doubt one of the strongest WWI bombers.

“Unlike other nation’s planes, which get but one pass at a target before having to return to base, the Caproni’s usher in the era of true strategic aviation, and show just how capable the first truly modern bomber force can be.” – Detailed Information


Available – World War I
Key Features – Your common modern era minute man equipped with a standard rifle and two hour training video.

“The Doughboys have a long history. The Doughboys were the men America sent to France in the Great War, and fought to make the world safe for democracy. The expression doughboy, though, was in wide circulation a century before the First World War in both Britain and America, albeit with some very different meanings. Because of the occasional contact of the two nation’s armed force and transatlantic migration, it seems likely that this usage was known to the members of the U.S. Army by the early 19th century. In the end, it was established that a “doughboy” was an American infantryman in World War 1.” – Detailed Information

F6F Hellcat

Available – World War II
Key Features – The Hellcats are the renaissance men of aircraft. The best fighter plane for the US can launch from aircraft carriers and strike land, air, and sea targets with ease and style.

“No matter how thoroughly a foe pounds the United States’ airfields, the F6F at sea will always be ready to take the fight to the enemy. Capable of carrying two 1,000 pound bombs or six 5″ rockets, the Hellcat is also particularly effective against enemy ships, a role it also performed well historically.” – Detailed Information

FT-17 Renault

Available – World War I
Key Features – The US gets to use the revolutionary FT-17 Renault, first made by the French and one of the most popular WW1 tanks. Although it is small and light, the Renault is still capable of inflicting deadly damage as well as traveling in areas where other bigger tanks can’t.

“The FT-17 Renault was a French tank made around 1917 as a light, cheap, and easy to produce tank. The tank quickly proved itself, used mostly as forerunner of the infantry. It was the first tank of it’s kind, whose model would by used for all future tank including its 360 degree turret gun, the first for tanks. After the war, many countries including the US would import and create their own modified FT-17s.” – Detailed Information

JN4-D Jenny

Available – World War I
Key Features – The JN4-D fighter plane was one of the most used by the US during World War I. It had a long flying time, stable structure, and low price tag. One of the first and best US planes.

“In Empires, the Jenny displays these qualities as well. It’s long flight time makes it a constant presence on the battlefield, and its solid if not exceptional abilities make it a valuable addition to the World War I era American war effort.” – Detailed Information

P-51 Mustang

Available – World War II
Key Features – The P-51 is the most well known WW2 fighter plane for the Allies for good reason. It was the very best that the Allies had to offer. The P-51 has a longer flight time than any other fighter regardless of civilization.

“With excellent abilities against all kinds of targets, air, land, or sea, and its phenomenal range and flight time, the Mustang gives the United States a true aerial trump card, which when combined with the other American air assets can turn the tide of a game.” – Detailed Information


Available – World War II
Key Features – Rangers were the top elite of the American Army. Empires gives them two unique abilities, they are capable of climbing cliffs to reach high altitude, and they can also call for bombardment on a target from artillery far away.

“Rangers are accurately depicted in Empires, and they are a uniquely American asset. Their special ability, when operating as light infantry, is that of Cliff-Scaling, which enables them to operate freely in terrain too steep for normal foot-soldiers to fight in. Rangers can seize that ever-desirable High Ground by advancing on routes impassable to any other types of troops. They excel at reconnaissance missions and mounting surprise raids behind enemy lines.” – Detailed Information

USS Arkansas

Available – World War I – World War II
Key Features – The USS Arkansas was one of the first powerful battleships that served in both WWI and WWII. Capable of destroying enemy battleships as well as U-boats, it is a great addition to any navy.

“The United States, with its need to defend three massive coastlines, and a tradition of international trade, was quick to see the need for similar vessels for its own navy. One of the earliest and longest-lived of the new Navy the Americans built was USS Arkansas, designated BB33.” – Detailed Information

Vickers Machine Gun

Available – World War I
Key Features – The machine gunner is a player’s best friend in killing enemy infantry if the gunner can survive while setting up his tripod.

“The Victers Machine Gun was first used by the British in early 1912, a modified version of the Maxim Machine Gun. A highly deadly weapon capable of firing over 600 bullets a minute. The gun was usually supported by 5 or 6 soldiers in order to be used best. More than 50,000 of these guns would be produced during WWI, and would later be used on British and French aircraft.” – Detailed Information