British Units

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The United Kingdom which includes England, Scotland, and Ireland is a very powerful nation in the modern era. It has suffered through two world wars, has one of the best navies in the world and continue to command a great deal of power and respect.


Available – World War I – World War II
Key Features – The APC will allow players to quickly transport their infantry across enemy lands, defending with the machine gun attached to the front.

“The APC short for Armored Personnal Carrier was used to keep the infantry from becoming fatigued or getting ambushed while traveling in hostile lands. It was especially important in WWII for the infantry to be able to keep up with the tanks. Today’s modern APC was mostly the creation of a Canadian general named Guy Simonds. ” – Detailed Information


Available – World War II
Key Features – The Commando is your elite one-man army for the British. He is capable of crossing rivers, scaling cliffs, travel through forest, and even plant explosives. An experienced player will know when and how to use these dangerous men.

“The British army units originally used for small attacks on enemy beaches were called commandos. These units were used all over the world during the war from Africa to France. Their secret and dangerous missions often were paramont to future operations.” – Detailed Information

Crusader Tank

Available – World War II
Key Features – One of the first WWII tanks for the British. While it is capable of great firepower, it wasn’t one of the most powerful tanks of WWII.

“The Crusader tank was the standard tank for British forces for much of World War II with over five thosand made. It eventually was retired after the Cromwell Tank was made. The early models were quickly outclassed by the Axis leading to the creation of the Crusader II.” – Detailed Information


Available – World War I – World War II
Key Features – The Dreadnought is a fearsome battleship, the father to all modern battleships created during WWI and WWII.

“The Dreadnought brought a new era in battleship design demanding bigger, better, and more guns. The dreadnought was so influencial that all previous battleships were named Pre-Dreadnoughts. The Dreadnought was actually the product of a naval race which happened before WWI leading to the expansion of many of the world’s battleships.” – Detailed Information

Sopwith Camel

Available – World War I
Key Features – The Sopwith Camel was one of the very best World War I fighter planes if the pilot could properly use it.

“Sopwith Camels had more kills than any other Allied plane during World War I. Like many of the planes during World War I, the Camel was a biplane with two machine guns placed at the front, which would become standard on all planes in later years. Although the Sopwith Camel performed extremely well, it also killed quite a few of its inexperienced pilots. It is also credited with shootting down the infamous Red Baron.” – Detailed Information