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Russian players will find their industry and weapons might not be the best and their soldiers not highly trained. Yet throughtout history Russian has been capable of throwing back several invaders with the help of the bitter Russian Winter and massive manpower. Controlling Russia means controlling the largest army in the game.



Available - WWI - WWII
Key Features - Your basic Russian tough officer with a pistol and Motolov cocktails. The Commisar's special ability is to motivate/scare nearby conscript units into fighting harder. He achieves this by shooting a fellow Russian, motivation at the finest level.

"Yes you are REALLY killing one of your own units. This is NOT being sarcastic But from what we have heard killing 1 isn't that big of a deal because the Russians make units really easy."


Available - WWI - WWII
Key Features - The 20th century Russian army won battles with their raw manpower. Conscripts are the basic infantry of the Russians, untrained and many times unequipped. Luckily for players these units are cheap and give back a few resources every time one dies.

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Flamethrower Tank

Available - WWII
Key Features - The Flamethower tank is more about scarying the enemy than it is about performance. It was used by the Soviets in their Winter Patriot Campaign. Flamethower tanks are best against bunkers and entrenched units rather than other tanks. "Yeah, it takes a LOT of fire to melt a tank."

"During this time, versions of the T-26 light tank (OT-26, OT-130 and OT-133) were used as flamethrower tanks. However they were too weak and too light. The experience of the Winter War showed that flame tanks became the first targets for any anti-tank defense. That's why more powerful and better protected tanks were needed." Battlefield.RU

Katyusha Trucks

Available - WWII
Key Features - The Katyusha rocket is one of the best remembered Soviet weapons from WWII. The Katyusha rockets was mounted on trucks and tanks. Although the Soviets were the first to create the rocket for WWII and best remembered for it, the Germans were the first to use it in combat.

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Available - WWI - WWII
Key Features - The first noticable thing about Russian snipers are that they're women. The Russians were one of few if any that actually actively used women in combat but don't let any of this fool you. These snipers are capable of killing enemy infantry with a single shot. On the other hand their long reload time forces players to have backup or for them to run away.

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T-34 Tank

Available - WWII
Key Features - The T-34 tank will be the best tank a Russian player will be able to command. Although outclassed later in the war by the American Sherman and German Tiger, the T-34 is still not something to be taken lightly.

"Runstedt called the T-34 the "best tank in the world" and von Kleist said it was the "finest in the world." The T-34 had a more powerful cannon than German tanks, a higher top speed (32 MPH versus 25 MPH), and superior sloped armor and superior welded construction. However, the German Tiger and Panther tanks outranged the T34's original 76mm gun, and subsequently a 85mm gun was mounted on a T-34 tank." - FAS.org

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