Korean Units

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The Koreans have always been in a dangerous spot situation between the gaint of China and Japan, making it a strategic jewel for both sides. Still, the Koreans show a fierce resistance, pushing back many invasion forces while still laboring in the arts such as pottery. Korean players have many defensive bonuses but are still capable of destroying their enemies.

Double Sword Cavalry

Available – Middle
Key Features – Cavalry is one of the most feared beasts on a battlefield capable of running down any enemy (or away from). The Koreans have an extra edge with the double sword cavalry giving twice as much carnage than an normal hoseman.

“Cavalry has many names from horseman, knight, dragoon, cataphract, and more, but in the end cavalry is simply a normal solder on a horse. Capable of breaking enemy lines with a fearsome charge and mowing down any retreating units.” – Detailed Information

Fire Ox

Available – Gunpowder – Imperial
Key Features – The fire ox looks rather harmless much like cattle grazing in a field, but they hide a truely awesome power. The fire ox can on command explode throwing all nearby units into the air. A grand picture.

No More Information Currently – Detailed Information

Turtle Ship

Available – Gunpowder – Imperial
Key Features – The turtle ship is probably the most unique Asian battleship in Empires. A strong and dangerous weapon feared by all other civilizations.

“The turtle ship was the creation of Admiral Yi Sun-sin. The deck of the ship has a metal curved cover giving a turle look with hundreds of swords pentrating the metal, making it impossible for any man to stand on. Cannons cover the side of the ship as well. This odd battleship was used against a Japanese invasion in 100 to 1 odds with the Koreans victorious.” – Detailed Information