German Units

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The German Empire begins in World War I with the best military in the world. For whatever the Germans lacked, their army and guns more than made up in full. When facing against the Germans, you must have greater numbers to even coming close to winning.

88mm Cannon

Available – World War II
Key Features – The 88mm gun is a very useful and special weapon for players in that it can be converted into an anti-tank or anti-air gun. Allowing players to no longer have to worry about both air and tank defenses.

“The 88mm Cannon was first developed in 1934. It’s original role was a flak anti-air but was quickly used also for tanks. The Allies had few if any guns that could match this German masterpiece.” – Detailed Information

King Tiger

Available – World War II
Key Features – The King Tiger is an army of one, capable of both inspiring fear and crushing all foes that happen to be in front of it’s massive guns. There is no greater tank in the game both for visual appeal and battle.

“The deadly armament and massive armor of the King Tiger made it the ideal weapon for crucial battles, where defeat was not an option. One shot from these beasts could decide a tank duel, or obliterate an infantry position” – Detailed Information


Available – World War I – World War II
Key Features – Sergeants give organization and morale to their troops through their determination and example. They also carry a few anti-tank rockets just in case.

“One the defense, the Sergeant made sure the line held, moving rapidly to reinforce threatened areas and destroying any tanks that made it through the anti-tank gun screen. Whether attacking or defending, though, the Sergeant’s steadying effect and command of the situation resulted in fewer friendly casualties and much tougher going for the foe.” – Detailed Information


Available – World War I – World War II
Key Features – The absolute terror of the seas during the World Wars, the German U-boats are without a doubt an awesome destroying machine.

“German submarines or “U-boats” took a heavy toll on Allied shipping in both World War I and World War II. A number of designs were put into production to fill various roles. The Type VIIB U-boat was a very successful attack-sub during World War II.” – Detailed Information

V1 & V2 Rockets

Available – World War II
Key Features – Although extremely expensive and innaccurate, the V1 & V2 Rockets are just as scary and powerful. V2 rockets in particular are capable of attacking targets quickly and with deadly force. Luckily, Allied Forces can destroy these rockets with land, air, and water forces.

“But when the V-2 made its debut (the first one was launched against Paris on 6 Sept., 1944), it proved almost impossible to spot or shoot down. It was the first real “space ship”, for its maximum altitude (97 km) took it to the very edge of Earth’s atmosphere. And it came down in an arrow-straight trajectory at near-super-sonic speed ” – Detailed Information


Available – World War I
Key Features – The Zepplin best remembered by the Hindeburg Disaster was also a dangerous weapon used by the Germans during WWI. German players have a great edge with the zepplin because it can bomb enemies as well as transport land troops to anywhere on the map.

“January 19, 1915, marked the first time Zeppelins dropped bombs on the British mainland (killing four civilians and injuring sixteen). For the next year and a half, the Zeppelin raids increased in frequency and effectiveness” – Detailed Information