Chinese Units

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The Chinese have lasted the test of time contributing new inventions including gunpowder. Unlike most other nations of the world, the Chinese have often looked at the scholars and artists in higher regard than generals and commanders. Still, China has a booming economy and more manpower than all the other civilizations in Empires combined giving a very deadly advantage for players who choose them.

Flintlock Infantry

Available – Gunpowder – Imperial
Key Features – No Information Known Currently

“The Chinese Flintlock Infantry were small infantry groups which had guns or pistols with a Flintlock. Flintlocks were a lock for a pistol that had a flint in the hammer for striking a spark to ignite the charge. A flint was massive hard quartz, which produced a spark when struck by steel. This fired the gun.” – Detailed Information

Flying Tiger Warship

Available – Middle
Key Features – The tiger warship is the ideal ship to use for nearly all situations. Capable of attacking enemy shores, defending against invaders, and transporting soldiers, it is the elite of the Chinese Navy.

“Chinese battleships, those ocean-going junks of immense size and power, carried troops, traders, and diplomats, and sported cannon and soldiers for attack and defense. Powerful in battle, they were also most useful as spearheads of diplomatic forays or military invasions.” – Detailed Information

Fork Cart

Available – Middle – Gunpowder
Key Features – The fork cart is the combination of a battling ram and a catapault. Chinese peasants can contruct these machines in a battlefield in a short amount of time.

“Instead of throwing a projectile, however, the force generated instead drives the beak into the facing wall of a fortification, in much the same way a man might smash a pick into a wall of rock. There’s no chance of missing, and no chance of damage to friendly troops.” – Detailed Information

Ming Cavalry

Available – Gunpowder – Imperial
Key Features – Ming Cavalry like all other areas of Ming Society devoted themselves to their cause. They are extremely well disciplined and capable of running down all inferior enemies which includes everyone. Their trademark was the use of a long sword.

“The Calvary in which are loyal to Ming, a Chinese dynasty dated from 1368 to 1644. Historians said their peek was sometime in mid 1500s. They were noted for their flourishing foreign trade, achievements in scholarship, and development of the arts, especially in porcelain, textiles, and painting. They also had freedom of religon, the strongest being the Tao.” – Detailed Information

Pavice Archer

Available – Middle – Gunpowder
Key Features – A unique 2 man archer team. One would hold a large shield while the other shot with the bow. This naturally makes them defend better at the cost of manpower.

“A pavice also known as pavis or simply wall shield is a large alone standing shield sometimes carried by a pavisor. It was mostly only used during a siege especially for crossbowmen while reloading. It was of no use in actual close combat.” – Detailed Information

Taoist Sorcerer

Available – Middle – Imperial
Key Features – The Taoist Sorcerer is the Merlin of Chinese armies. Capable of calling upon volcanos, force of air to stun enemies, and heal nearby troops, this sorcerer is a powerful additon to any army although by himself, he is very weak.

“In the minds of medieval Chinese warriors, the Taoist Sorcerers commanded tremendous respect and authority. Believing as they did in the reality of spirits and demons, many natural phenomena were felt to be manifestations of divine or infernal power.” – Detailed Information

War Elephant

Available – Middle – Gunpowder
Key Features – War elephants are the most feared land unit for the Chinese especially when it goes on a rampage destroying everything in sight.

“From the earliest times of organized warfare, the elephant has played a role on the battlefield. Huge, imposing, and terrifying to foot soldiers, the mighty pachyderms earned a place in military history, from Alexander’s battle at Arbela to Hannibal’s crossing of the alps and beyond. It was in Asia, however, where the war elephant originated and where it remained a formidable foe well into the modern era. ” – Detailed Information

War Junk

Available – Gunpowder – Imperial
Key Features – A strong battleship that allows player to also transport troops.

No Information Yet – Detailed Information

War Kites

Available – Gunpowder – Imperial
Key Features – The war kite is the first air unit in the entire game giving the Chinese complete control of the air. War kites can be used for scouting as well as sending arrows down to land units.

“In 200 BC, General Han Ksiu attached noise-makers and pinwheels to a kite armada and launched a nocturnal “psychological” attack on the enemy army. Convinced that these shrieking, clattering, fire-spitting apparitions were the spirits of angry demons, the foe panicked and ran away in complete disorder.” – Detailed Information