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United Kingdom Building Tables

  Age Cost Damage Range HP Other
Town Center (N) all 50W - - 4500 Available only if player controls no Town Centers.
Wall (W) all 10S - - 3360 Sections of wall can be converted into Gates.
Tower (O) all 50W 220S 120 7 3000 Detects stealthy units.
Armory (R) all 300W - - 1500 -
Mining Camp (M) all 250W - - 1700 Mines resources automatically (without need of Citizens).
Settlement (N) all 50W - - 1500 Garrison fully with Citizens to make Town Center.
Food Warehouse (F) all 175W - - 1250 Produces food automatically (without need of Citizens).
University (U) all 200W - - 1500 -
House (E) all 25W - - 1500 Adds to your Population Capacity; Increases the rate of Power regeneration of nearby units.
Dock (D) all 100W - - 9000 Automatically repairs nearby friendly ships.
Barracks (B) all 175W - - 2600 -
Fortress (J) all 300W - - 7500 Troops garrisoned in Fortress are protected from attack and do not count towards your population.
Tank Factory (T) all 450W - - 4500 -
Siege Factory (C) all 300W - - 4500 -
Airport (A) all 375W - - 5000 -
Land Mine (Z) all 50G - - 50 Mines explode and injure enemies who get too close.
Trafalgar Square (N) 5 1000F 1000W 1000G 1000S - - 25000 Produces full map visibility and reduced training time for all units.
  Age Cost Damage Range HP Other

Values reflect game version 1.0.5163 and can possibly change. For corrections, email Angel AzN.

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