France Building Tables

  Age Cost Damage Range HP Other
Town Center (N) all 50W 4500 Available only if player controls no Town Centers.
Wall (W) all 5S 8400 Sections of wall can be converted into Gates.
Tower (O) all 200S 38 6 2000 Detects stealthy units; Garrison to increase attack; Able to fire a Barrage; Has a capacity of 5 Population.
Armory (R) all 200W 1500
Surveillance Post (L) all 30W 750 Detects stealthy units.
Settlement (N) all 50W 1500 Garrison fully with Citizens to make Town Center.
Granary (F) all 400
Farm all 500
University (U) all 200W 1500
Dock (D) all 100W 9000 Automatically repairs nearby friendly ships.
Barracks (B) all 175W 2600
Fortress (J) all 300W 7500 Troops garrisoned in Fortress are protected from attack and do not count towards your population; Able to transfer troops from Fotress to Fortress.
Pillbox (P) all 125G 1000 Detects stealthy units; Has a capacity of 5 Population.
Tank Factory (T) all 450W 4500 Requires Barracks.
Siege Factory (C) all 300W 4500
Airport (A) all 375W 5000 Requires Barracks.
Notre Dame (V) 5 1000F 1000W 1000G 1000S 25000 Periodically generates Classified Projects.
  Age Cost Damage Range HP Other

Values reflect game version 1.0.5163 and can possibly change.