Economics is one of the most important parts of any RTS game. You must create citizens and order them to extract resources off the map such as chopping trees, mining gold, stone, or harvesting food from farms and fishing spots. You use these proceeds to build military units (as well as more citizens) to expand your economy. Any player who neglects to do this basically gives the game away. Building a strong economy and maintaining it through thick and thin is one of the most important strategies throughout the game. The bigger your economy is, the more options you have at beating your enemies.

  • Food – Food is probably one of the most meaningful and substantial resources in the game. Food is required to create citizens, the backbone of your economy. It is used to create both military and economic units in Empires: Dawn of the Modern World. Food is also used to research technologies, and further advancement in the game. There are several ways to gather Food. A citizen can gather food from Farms or gather fish using various ships from the Docks.
  • Wood – Wood, while not the most important, is still a vital resource in RTS Games. Wood is often used to build both economic and military structures. Civilizations such as the English rely heavily on wood to sustain their economy.
  • Gold – Gold is a very important resource. It is widely used for many purposes. Gold will be used in the training of units, advancing through ages, and researching technologies. In Empire Builder mode, gold mines have an infinite amount of gold. However, in Action mode, gold is quick to run out. Thus, gold remains very important throughout the game.
  • Stone – Stone is primarily a defense resource. Stone can build defensive structures such as walls and towers. Although walls and towers are not the best defense, if used correctly a deadly defense can be constructed.