United States Overview

The United States gained freedom from Great Britain in 1776. From then on, the United States steadily grew to become today’s undisputed superpower. In Empires: Dawn of the Modern World, you will not be able to play as the United States until World War I. Instead, you will play as England up until the 1900s, where you will get the choice to continue as the United States, the United Kingdom and Germany. Little information is known on how this evolution will occur, but always keep an eye on this section, as it is continually updated.

The United States is known for it’s overwhelming economy and cheap technology. In Empires, the United States civilization will start with additional resources. Along with that, the U.S. also has cheaper buildings and technology. The end result is a vast sum of money available for your army or advancing quickly through the ages. Enemies of the United States can expect a strong and technologically advanced army, possibly early in the game.

Below is a list of American bonuses and a short explanation. Knowledge of these can be useful in developing strategies or for personal historic knowledge.

Military Abilities | Economic Abilities | Technologies
American Units | American Buildings

Military Abilities

The most infamous use of this would probably be at Normandy during Operation Overlord. The Allied troops were to charge the beach of Normandy and break through the fortifications. In Empires, the Charge! power causes troops to increase their speed and rate of fire, much like they did at Normandy.

Much like Empire Earth, Empires uses Houses to increase morale. This increase of morale causes nearby units to be significantly stronger. However, American Houses will be used to increase population.

Economic Abilities

R & D
The United States has backed numerous expensive projects, such as the race to the Moon. Funded research makes the resulting product much cheaper. In Empires, Research and Development allows American technologies to be researched at a cheaper cost.

Free Enterprise
Free Enterprise is mainly due to America’s capitalist economy. The philosophy is that each person can choose their business without government interference. In Empires, Free Enterprise allows all citizens to gather gold more quickly.

During World War I and World War II, the carnage and bloodshed around the World caused an influx of immigration into the United States. In Empires, this results in quicker production of citizens. Citizens are a vital part of any economy and this power allows the Americans to quickly replenish or fill their workforce.

Skyscrapers are wonders of the world and are artistic masterpieces. However, they also serve a purpose: Skyscrapers save space, providing roomy living quarters and are relatively cheaper buildings. In Empires, this technology cause building construction to be cheaper.

Great Plains
The Great Plains was a source of great food production during the World Wars. In Empires, Great Plains allows citizens to gather food at a faster rate.

Vast Natural Resources
The United States has vast natural resources at home and abroad. In Empires, the result is that the Americans start with additional resources. These additional resources help the United States get a strong start.


Army Recon
Even the best prepared army can not guess what it will face. A good reconnaissance can the difference between victory and defeat. In Empires, Army Recon allows you to spy on enemy troop positions.

City Reconnaissance
Enemy positions are not the valued information when it comes to war. Knowledge of structures the enemy may possess can be invaluable. In Empires, City Reconnaissance allows you to spy on enemy building locations.

The Heroism of a few can make or break a battle. In Empires, those affect by Heroism will be invulnerable for a short period of time.

Mail Call
On the battlefield, letters from home can be the only emotional lift you can get. In Empires, Mail Call replenishes the power supplies of all units on the battlefield.

National Parks
National Parks are locations set aside to regrow the wildlife and trees. In Empires, National Parks allow you to replant trees in areas that were previously desolate.

Patriotism was first realized around the time of the Declaration of Independence and the French Revolution. In Empires, Patriotism restores all units to full health.

USO tours are to improve the morale of the troops on the battlefield away from home. Celebrities usually participate in these events. In Empires, the USO increases troop’s rate of power return.

Voice of America
In World War II, the Americans did radio broadcasts across Europe, which got many people to defect to America. In Empires, the Voice of America causes enemies to defect.

War Footing
In time of war or crisis, War Footing goes into effect. This helps produce funds for military equipment. In Empires, War Footing makes miltary structures cheaper.