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Korea Overview

Korea has traditionally been harassed by both China and Japan. The need arose that a strong navy must be put together. While not the strongest, Korea's navy is among the best led. The Admiral, Yi Sun-Sin. The Choson Dynasty lasted five centuries and was one of the first to use martial arts and gunpowder in weaponry. In Empires: Dawn of the Modern World, Korea is only playable up to the Imperial Age. Little is known on whether Korea will transform into another civilization, as England does. However, keep on eye on this section, as it will be continually updated.

The Korean's specialty is speed and economy. In Empires, labor is plentiful and cheap. This vast amount of labor allows for quick construction and gathering of resources. In addition, Korea also has numerous technologies that aid their military. Technologies such as King's Encouragement make the already agile Korean army extremely dangerous. Enemies of the Koreans can expect quick, possibly frequent, attacks.

Below is a list of Korean bonuses and a short explanation. Knowledge of these can be useful in developing strategies or for personal historic knowledge.

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Military Abilities

    Battle Junks
    Limited resources cause the need for a more versatile ships. The Battle Junks are deadly battleships that double to be a transport. A dangerous but necessary combination, you will lose the units aboard these ships if they are sunk.

    Bondservants are enemy citizens caught by the Koreans. In Empires, these Bondservants boost your workforce while lowering your enemy's.

    Martial Arts
    In Empires, Martial Arts increases your units rate of fire and speed.

    Zen Master
    Zen is a state of mind. In Empires, Zen Masters fall in to a trance and become nearly invincible for a short amount of time.

    Terror Barrage
    Whether precision or coverage is needed, Terror Barrage boosts the range of siege weapons.

Economic Abilities

    Family is very important in Asian countries. In Empires, extended families of your citizens will join in on the effort. This increase of citizens can be critical in boosting your economy.

    Lowborn Class
    Citizens of a low birth are paid less for jobs. In Empires, this translates to cheaper buildings because of the smaller payroll.

    Planned Cities
    Planning ahead can increase the efficiency of future projects. In Empires, Planned Cities allow for faster construction.

    Provincial Markets
    Meeting the needs of the Provincial Markets are a priority of the Koreans. In Empires, Provincial Markets allow citizens to gather faster to meed those needs.

    In Empires, Korean houses will not be used to boost morale. However, Korean Houses will be used to increase population.


    Buddhism in Empires, lowers the enemy’s resistance to conversion.

    Ki Hap
    The Battle cry was traditional in many nation’s armies. The effect of a powerful battlecry can both demoralize the enemy and enrage your troops. In Empires, the Ki Hap battle cry causes enemies to take more damage.

    King's Encouragement
    Leading men, especially Kings or Presidents can give moving speeches that touch the lives of those listening. In Empires, the King’s Encouragement will restore all your units to full health instantly. This can be extremely lethal when used correctly.

    Minister's Report
    A spy within an enemy camp can prove invaluable. In Empires, your Ministers will lift the fog of war in an area briefly, giving you a chance to quickly survey the situation.

    Tropical Storm
    Weather is likely the most important aspect of any operation. A rainy day can cloak an operation, but not enough clouding can expose it. In Empires, the Koreans can count on a Tropical Storm to immobilize enemies.

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