Germany Overview

Germany in the Dark Ages was the formidable Holy Roman Empire. After being torn apart by the Thirty Years’ War, the Holy Roman Empire became divided. In the 1870s, Germany was finally unified by Otto Von Bismarck. The German army was lead under strict obedience dating back to the Prussia king Fredrick William I. Of all the nations in the World Wars, Germany was the best equipped in both. In Empires, you will not be able to play as Germany until World War I. Little is known on how you will transform into Germany, but keep an eye on this section, as it is continually updated.

Germany is known for it’s unsurpassed army, most notably it’s tanks. However, Germany does not only dominate on land. In World War I, German U-boats dominated the English Channel and parts of the Atlantic abroad. In Empires, Germany is an industrial powerhouse. They also have various abilities such as Battlefield Deception and TNT, which gives them the upper hand in battle. Germany is also able to increase their population capacity without houses. Enemies of Germany should expect a very strong offense which may include a variety of powers and abilities, such as Chlorine gas.

Below is a list of German bonuses and a short explanation. Knowledge of these can be useful in developing strategies or for personal historic knowledge.

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Military Abilities

Chlorine Gas
Chlorine Gas was invented and used on the battlefields in World War I. Chlorine Gas simply suffocates it’s victims to death. In Empires, you can launch these Chlorine Gas attack against enemies, suffocating masses.

Enigma Machine
The Enigma Machine encoded German messages which were once thought unbreakable. In Empires, the Enigma Machine allows you to receive encoded intelligence enemy economic and military output levels.

Waffen SS
Distinguished solders were often promoted to the SS Verfügungstruppen of the Waffen SS. Hitler once considered these his personal body guards. It is not clear what role the Waffen SS will play in Empires, however we suspect units that achieve several casualties will be honored with higher attack points, hit points and possibly speed.

Economic Abilities

Bauhaus was a famous school of architecture, design and applied arts. In Empires, this school makes construction and mass production more efficient.

Rhineland-Westphalia was both the industrial and economical heartland of Germany. In Empires, this power allows faster wood production and more effective farming techniques.

Unlike other civilizations, Germany does not need Housing to increase their population capacity. This is both economical and time saving. The downside is that without houses, it will be harder to boost morale.


Battlefield Deception
Rommel was one of Germany’s greatest commanders. The tactics he used were years ahead of his time. Much of the Axis victories were due to his brilliant use of strategy. In Empires, Battlefield Deception causes enemy units to attack the closest target, regardless if it is friend or foe.

Black Forest
The Black Forest in Germany used to be so thick that you could not see the outside if you were inside it. In Empires, Black Forest allows you replant a thick section of tree in areas previous treeless.

Blitzkrieg, or Lightning War is the use of tanks and airplanes to quickly traverse and conquer lands before enemies can react.

Chancellor’s Address
Leading men, especially Kings or Presidents can give moving speeches that touch the lives of those listening. In Empires, the Chancellor’s Address will restore all your units to full health instantly. This can be extremely lethal when used correctly.

Spy Report
A spy within an enemy camp can prove invaluable. In Empires, your spies will lift the fog of war briefly, giving you a chance to quickly survey the situation.

Physical Education
In Empires, Physical Education helps improve citizen’s health, speed and attack. This is can be valuable because your citizens will break back resources faster.

TNT is form of explosive that can do massive damage. In Empires, TNT allows for Siege weapons to have a larger splash damage radius.