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England Overview

England is a island nation off the coasts of Europe. While the nation is not on the European landmass, much of it's political affairs is related to Europe. The English Royal Navy was the most powerful navy in the world and is sometimes considered England's first, last and only defense. In Empires, England can be played up until the Imperial Age. After the Imperial Age, you must choose between the United States, the United Kingdom or Germany to transform into. More information on how this transformation happens will be coming soon.

The English have a very well rounded set of abilities and technologies. Economic abilities such as English Gardens and Welsh Mining Camps provide a stronger resource flow. Other economic abilities include Prospecting and Royal Geological Society, which help find more resources for mining. The result is a strong and stable economy ran by citizens who work faster and carry more. The English are also lethal on the battlefield. Abilities such as Ballistics allow for English archers to never miss while Black Death can help destroy entire divisions. Include this with a very powerful Navy and the English are very formidable.

Below is a list of English bonuses and a short explanation. Knowledge of these can be useful in developing strategies or for personal historic knowledge.

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Military Abilities

    Longbowmen and other English archers are trained daily since their birth. With these trained elites and the invention of the Longbow, the English dominated from long ranges. With Ballistics, English archers in Empires will never miss.

    Bombardment allows siege weapons on the battlefield to fire forward or in a arch over walls. It is not known how exactly this affects siege weapons. More information coming soon.

    Capture Equipment
    With Capture Equipment, rather than wasting a good siege weapon, the English will capture any isolated siege weapons. This should make sieging the English very hard.

    Black Death
    Being scientifically advanced, the English discovered how the Plague spread. In Empires, Black Death is used to hurl Plague ridden Cows over enemy walls, infecting dozens and weakening army and citizen.

    Secret Service
    A spy within an enemy camp can prove invaluable. In Empires, your Secret Service will lift the fog of war in an area briefly, giving you a chance to quickly survey the situation.

    Spike Pits
    Traps are often a good way to demoralize an enemy. In Empires, traps set by the English will trigger when enemies get too close, often impaling small groups. These traps are invisible to enemies.

Economic Abilities

    English Gardens
    English laborers are often very fit because of long days with hard work. In Empires, English Gardens allows English laborers to carry heavier loads, which means more resources a trip.

    England has large markets at home and colonies abroad. In Empires, the profitable exchanges in these markets help the English start with additional resources. These additional resources help England get a strong start.

    The English were one of the first to participate in Imperialism. By the 19th century, the English had the largest empire in the world. In Empires, Imperialism allows the English to create full-fledged Town Centers instead of Settlements, after the Dark Age.

    Imported Foodstuffs
    These warehouses provide food. It is unknown if it generates food or if the food must be "imported".

    Masons Guild
    Guild were the workforce behind England for many years. Not until the rise of Capitalism did these Guilds loose power. In Empires, the Masons Guild will construct buildings once a citizen starts them. This means your citizens can be concentrated on resources.

    Royal Geological Society
    In Empires, the Royal Geological Society will survey the land near your Town Center and report the location of all the resources in that area.

    Welsh Mining Camps
    The English had one of the earliest to start mining. Eventually, the English used steam power to streamline the transportation of good after they are mined. In Empires, Welsh Mining Camps produce mineral faster.

    In Empires, English houses will not be used to boost morale. However, English Houses will be used to increase population and will regenerate unit power.


    Black Market
    The English were experts of smuggling goods in and out of foreign countries. These goods were usually sold in the Black Markets around the world. In Empires, Black Market allows you to trade surpluses of one resource to get more of another, eventually equalizing all resource stockpiles.

    Channel Storm
    The fate of the Spanish Armada of 1588 was sealed mainly by the ingenuity of the English and the storm that chased the Armada around the British Isles. In Empires, casting a Channel Storm will wreck all ships in it's path.

    Death Before Dishonor
    Honor was important in English society. In Empires, Death Before Dishonor will boost troops' speed and attack.

    Mercenaries were used extensively in the English Civil War by Charles I against Oliver Cromwell. In Empires, you can hire mercenaries to fight as Charles I did.

    Mining Engineers
    The English realized the necessity of Science early on. Thus they were ahead in the scientific field. In Empires, English science allows more minerals to be extracted from each mine.

    Prospecting allows the creation (uncovering) of a new deposit of gold which can be mined from. Useful when resources are low or mines are scarce.

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