China Overview

China is part of the largest landmass on Earth. The Chinese are the most populous race on Earth. With these in mind, the Chinese are a economic powerhouse. The sheer number of units the Chinese can augment for their army is enormous. In Empires, the Chinese work much the same way. China can be played only up until the Imperial Age. Not much is known if China will transform or how playing them after the Imperial Age will be handled. However, keep an eye on this section, as it is continually updated.

The Chinese are known for it’s vast population. This large workforce helped inventions such as gunpowder to be discovered. Confucian Values make each citizen count less towards the population capacity while the wheelbarrows allow for rapid gathering and transportation of resources. The result is a powerful economy ran by a populous workforce which can gather exceptionally fast. The Chinese are also able to quickly train their forces by Heredity Military Service. Combine these with powerful inventions such as Fireworks and the Chinese are quite forcible. Enemies of the Chinese can expect large armies that can be quickly replenished by a strong economy.

Below is a list of Chinese bonuses and a short explanation. Knowledge of these can be useful in developing strategies or for personal historic knowledge.

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Military Abilities

Art of War
The Chinese are able to achieve a efficient and mobile army by training soldiers at a moving war camp. In Empires, this allows the Chinese to spawn units nearly anywhere on the map.

Battle Junks
Limited resources cause the need for a more versatile ships. The Battle Junks are deadly battleships that double to be a transport. A dangerous but necessary combination, you will lose the units aboard these ships if they are sunk.

The Chinese can use the weather to their advantage. Severe weather during the Monsoon season can slow down enemies, giving the Chinese time to prepare.

Siege Crafts
Since the Chinese have a mobile army, bringing fully constructed siege weapons is not an option. The Chinese improvise by fully constructing all their siege weapons on-site. In Empires, like the Art of War, this allows you to spawn siege units nearly anywhere on the map.

Economic Abilities

Ancient Dynasties
The Chinese has a rich ancestry. Additional resources can be obtained from the vaults of these ancestors and be used to power the economy.

Confucian Values
Confucian Values teach citizen to live a more simple life. In Empires, this means that citizens will be cheaper to produce.

The Chinese people are spread out across the China. In Empires, this means you will have two Town Centers when you start. However, you will also have no citizens when you start.

The Wheelbarrow, invented by the Chinese, revolutionized the transportation of goods. With the Wheelbarrow, more resources could be moved with less effort, in less time.

In Empires, Chinese houses will not be used to boost morale. Chinese Houses will be used to increase population. Also, Chinese houses will have exceptional line of sight. You can possibly use these as outposts.


Emperor’s Blessing
Leading men, especially Kings or Presidents can give moving speeches that touch the lives of those listening. In Empires, the Emperor’s Blessing will restore all your units to full health instantly. This can be extremely lethal when used correctly.

Feng Shui
This ancient art of balance can give a person outstanding fortune or incredibly bad luck. In Empires, Feng Shui increases the strength of all your buildings.

Fireworks to those who have never seen it can be either delightful or horrific. In Empires, Fireworks cause enemy units to be confused. They may attack friend or foes while in this confusion.

Hereditary Military Service
In China, members of military households are expected to join the army when they are old enough. In Empires, this instantly trains all units queued at the Barracks.

Mother of Lightning
According to Daoist beliefs, there are various immortal spirits such as the Dragon King. In Empires, the immortal Mother of Lightning can cast lightning upon buildings or infantry.

Rebellion is often the worse thing that can happen to an army. In Empires, the Chinese can causes Rebellions in enemy camps, causing citizens and infantry to leave their leaders and join you.

Collapse Mine
When a Mine has collapsed, it takes a great amount of time to recover it. This often results in large blow to the economy. In Empires, you can cause the collapse of an enemy mine, forcing them to dig it out before mining again.

War Drums
War drums are not just for show. The sounds that can be played on these can inspire fear in those who hear it. In Empires, War Drums cause enemy units to decrease in power.