Empires: Dawn of the Modern World has been announced to have seven unique civilizations. This is a list of them along with a short summary on their abilities and history. Included are links to various related pages that may help you further understand each civilization.


Being a large and diverse nation, the Chinese extends this diversity to the battlefield. The Chinese, using ancient magic and technological superiority is able to advance much of their civilization. With Feng Shui, the Chinese are able to strengthen their buildings while Fireworks may thwart an impending attack. Other abilities include Mother of Lightning, which throws down Lightning on enemy buildings, and Collapse Mine, which collapses an enemy mine, forcing them to remove rubble before mining again. The Chinese also have a formidable army, with the ability to amass vast numbers of troops in relatively little time. After the fall of Rome, China’s achievements were unrivaled until the Gunpowder Age.

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England / United Kingdom

The English have long defended their island home. Never have the English been invaded. This is due mainly because of the Royal Navy, among the strongest in the world. This was first proven when the Royal Navy out maneuvered and defeated the Spanish Armada in May of 1588. The Royal Navy again proved their domination when it surprised Napoleon’s fleet in the Battle of Trafalgar, defeating it and preventing the invasion of England. England is the best all-around civilization with powers ranging from Channel Storm (which causes deadly storms in the water), to Exchequer (which allows England to start with more resources), to Ballistics (in which English archers never miss). They are likely the be a starting civilization for most beginner players. Also, the United Kingdom dominates in the air

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France is the historic superpower dating back to the middle ages. France was at it’s finest hour when Napoleon conquered Europe and imposed the Continental System. All of Europe was closed to England, France’s long time rival. In hopes of starving England’s trade, it instead boosted it. While Napoleon and his Grand Army ultimately failed, it left a lasting legacy that is still remembered today.


The Germans civilization is an industrial powerhouse. The industrial Ruhr Valley and fertile soil allow for superior agriculture while efficient building design allow for a greater population. Advance German science improves battlefield weaponry, resulting in a versatile and potent army. In 1914, Germany fought World War I with the best equipped army. By 1941 in World War II, Germany control much of mainland Europe. German ‘King Tiger’ Tanks and U-boats ruled both land and sea, unmatched any Allied nation. The Germans extended their domination to the air when in World War I, they introduced the Zeppelin.

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The Korean civilization relies on speed and economy. Masses of cheap labor allows for buildings to be constructed and resources to be gathered quickly. Touting a strong navy, the Koreans also have a strong army. The Korean army is well suited for quick hit-and-run attacks. Special technology allows the Koreans to bolster their army. Loyal Ministers on the field provide detailed information while tropical storms pound invading army and aircrafts. Being among the first to utilize gunpowder, the Koreans fought off the invading Chinese and Japanese in the 1300s. The Korean’s strong navy was the product of one of the world’s greatest naval commanders, Admiral Yi Sun-Sin.

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Often called an enigma, the Russians have a long history of struggle, violence and confusion. However, this does not take from it’s very formidable army, which met and even exceed Western standards. From the time of Peter the Great to Alexander the Great, Russia continued to struggle with Westernization. While the army and nobles got the full treatment, the serfs were not better off than before Westernization. Ultimately, this lead to many serf revolts and possibly the Communist revolution.

United States

The United States today is a leading world power, but it was not always this way. Government funded Research and Development help make technology cheap. A capitalist economy and vast natural resources helps the accumulation of wealth and growth of jobs, while Immigration allows for the quick filling of these positions. Special Intelligence and Army Reconnaissance allows for precision strikes while Heroism can turn the tides of battle. While late in joining both World Wars, the United States turned the tide against the Central and Axis powers. After the fall of Russia in the Cold War, the United States became the only undisputed superpower.

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