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Franks Buildings


Used to research unit improvements. The armory is also required to train certain units.


Used to train and upgrade foot soldiers and archers.


Trains Cardinals.


Trains and upgrades naval units.


Used to garrison units. Units garrisoned do not count to the population cap. Units garrisoned in French fortress's can be transported to other surrounding fortress's.


Allows units to pass through the section of the wall the gate is built on.


Allows farms to be built near the structure. Is also a drop point for food.


A drop point for resources. Can research technologies to improve resource gathering rates. Can be garrisoned with citizens to create a Town Center.

Siege Factory

Builds and upgrades siege units.

Surveillance Post

A building with a huge line of sight. Are invisible to enemies except at very close range.


Fires at nearby enemy units. French towers can also fire a powerful barrage at enemy units and garrison foot soldiers and citizens.

Town Center

A drop point for resources. Creates citizens. Used to advance to the next age. Can research technologies to improve resource gathering rates.


Researches classified projects.


Can block off sections of the map from the enemy.

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