Interview with Jason, Buildings Artist

The art department of SSSI is very heavily-staffed, with at least one person working on each major aspect of the game. I got a chance to talk to quite a few of the artists at SSSI, the first of which were Steve Ashley (lead artist) and Jason (buildings). The initial talk with Steve just gave a pretty good idea how to get into the industry with art, though Jason’s interview showed us the process as to how a building is made, among other things…as you can see from the photo above.

Getting into the Industry

Socvazius: If there was any advice that you have for someone that wanted to get into your kind of work, what would that be?

Steve Ashley: Well, obviously there are a lot of schools now that are starting up. When I went to school, there was a 2-year computer course and that was about it. But now they have specific game courses. Digipen, we actually got a number of people from digipen. The same thing from Savannah; those are really good schools to get into. For those people who can’t afford those types of schools; as far as websites – like polycount – try to learn things like modeling and texturing because a lot of times now a lot of the schools are focusing on certain things and we’re getting those people. But even before, we’re getting people who didn’t go to school. We have a couple artists who just showed themselves; they knew how to texture, they knew how to model, they didn’t go to a professional school but they had the talent to back it up. And they showed a variety of things and that’s what clinched it for them. The industry is still new, and you can have the guy in the garage learning and getting into it and that type of thing.

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