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Fallen City

Author File Description
File Details
Version: Empires: Retail Release

In the year of our Lord 1241 Subotai's Mongolian hordes were covering the eastern Europe with blood. Hundreds of cities and villages were slaughtered and many others were threatened. Among these ones there was Silistra, a rich and impregnable city located in the Danubian Rumania built on an island in the middle of a lake. Sebastiano Venier, a Venetian merchant-prince, followed by Bishop Colonna and by a little escort, was reaching Silistra for business and for love but he was unaware they were running into pain and death.

Fantasy single player scenario totally invented for Empires: Dawn of the Modern World.
Fallen city is a fixed forces map fully based on the micromangement of few units. Have fun!

-Extrat all the files from the zip archive.
-Put the Fallen_City_1.0_version.scn file in (name of the directory in which Empires is installed)\Data\Scenarios directory.
-Put the six audio files .mp3 in (name of the directory in which Empires is installed)\Data\Sounds directory.

***Important notes
-You need the 1.01 version of the game to play this map (if you have no patch installed go at the following link: http://www.activision.com/en_US/game_downloads/6521f0df-6279-481c-95b9-d8aa1b54acdd.html . Downaload the 1.01 patch and install it.
-This map has been created and playtested with an Atlon 2000+, 1.67 GHz, 256 MB ram, GForce2 32 mb, so on a less powerfull pc this map could be laggy.
-The map is very big and it's full of objects so your pc could take a long time to load it.
-Save the game often.
-The starting timer at the beginning of the game is necessary to load all the objects before the first cinematic starts on those computers that are not very powerfull.
-Sometimes the Stop Music effect at the beginning of the last cinematic doesn't fire so before the cinematic starts please go in the audio options and turn down the music.
-Because of lack of room the objectives that you will see at the bottom right of the screen are very synthetic. To see the complete objective move the curson on the objective and at the bottom left of the screen will appear a mirror in which you will see a full version of the objective and also some tip to solve that mission.
-The tips located with the full objectives are not just simple suggestions but the only way to solve the mission that is often very hard. I advise you to read them carefully (I'm sorry for my bad English :) ).

The soundtrack during the last cinematic has been taken form the Metal Gear Solid soundtrack and its original title is "End Title - The Best Is Yet To Come".

Scenario ideated and created by Oscar Baldessari.
A special thanks to Mbb for advice and to all those great designers of empires.heavengamers.com that with their guides, editor articles and maps have provided me with help and support.
Every comment/suggestion is welcome, post a comment or conctact me at the following email address: quoelet@katamail.com.

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File Author
Hello Talon Karrde, really thanks for the constructive criticism of your review. I'm happy someone besides me appreciates the rpg/ff genre. After having played hundreds of times b&d games online or vs the cpu with empire earth, age of mythology, age of kings I've become tired of them and I don't bear the b&d genre anymore. The single units loose their role and their importance and the only significant thing to win is a efficient economical system that allows you to remedy quickly to your military losses at least from my point of view. Luckly with the heroes of raf the situation should change.

About the marsh terrain I'm sorry but because the dark light I forgot to mix the terrain textures, I'll fix it in the new version.
Abaut the water plants instead, yes, I should add them but the file is already very big and If I place more objects it will become even bigger as the time to load it...

Arghhh... the last cinematic without music is prettily ugly but I really don't understand the reason music doesn't work on your pc. ...data\sounds location is right and if you open the map with the editor and if you check the trigger 86 you will see the right play sound effects that in my non english version of the game are called "riproduci...". Well maybe there are two possible reasons:
-your version of Win Zip extracting the files has created a new folder in the sounds directory so the mp3 fles are in the wrong location;
-in the audio options the sounds volume is maybe disabled. Try to raise it.

To finish, well I haven't yet figured how to create a campaign and then how to extract from a campaign file the various files...

Talon Karrde as far as I know, you can't extract the seperate files from a campaign, making it a fairly decent bet for a completely finished project as its simple and easy--everything is in the .ssa file. I also believe that the files, at least the sounds, are extracted when you play, or are at least made available to choose in the editor.

and yes, I love RPGs. currently playing Chrono Cross, Arx Fatalis and Septerra Core ;)
edilberto ciao oscar sono bandenere. hi oscar i'm bandenere!!!!!

BIG BIG oscar!!!!
Midgard Eagle To create a campaign, go into the Campaign Editor. Choose which files to put into the campaign, choose a password and name for the campaign, then save it. If you need more detailed information, I I can give you that.

You don't need to extract the files, just put the .ssa file into your /data/campaigns directory and open the campaign from the Single Player>Custom Campaigns menu. That's the beauty of compiling scenarios into Campaigns: It's just one file to juggle instead of several. And that's why 90% of the scenarios for Empires are encapsuled into campaigns, even if they consist of only one scenario.

Benefit two is that if you password-protect the campaign, no one can else than you can open the scenario in the editor.

Oh, and to extract a campaign (for sound files, for example), download ssaextractor or ssaextract (forgot the name). I think it comes with EE Studio.

[Edited on 05/26/06 @ 04:15 PM]

File Author
ciao bandenere, sono felice di vederti :)

@Midgard Eagle
Thanks for your campaign tips, I will keep them in mind.
Midgard Eagle Two more things I just remembered:
1. You'll need to rename your scenario file to put it in a campaign file (remove the '.' marks).

2. If a scenario file is part of a campaign, the scenario background picture WILL show during loading. If it is stand-alone, there'll only be the default Empires picture no matter what you do (to my experience).
The_Interpreter I'll give this map only 2 words simply beautiful.....

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