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Prologue-the birth of Arthur

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Style: Mix
# of Scenarios: 1
Version: Empires: Retail Release
Play as Uther Pendragon and his colleagues as you battle your way through medieval England to set things up for upcoming unborn king :King Arthur.

A unique storyline
Different kinds of objectives from attacking,defending, capturing sacred pillars for burial to marrying the right woman.
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Talon Karrde
Map Design2.0
Playability: 2
This scenario has the promise of using a very famous and very rich story, but a combination of varying factors (ranging between all the below criteria) prevent it from being as fun as it could be. Some things are just plain not cool, like how your lone knight (named scout) has 40 speed--he moves so quickly he almost outruns his own los to disappear into the fog of war, which makes it very probable that you'll run right into entire armies of hostiles before you even realize they're there.

Balance: 1
It is more unbalance than actual balance, as you command a single knight. If you run into Uther's army (and you will), it is only your 40 speed that will save you...for that encounter. Unfortunately, Uther's army has so little to do that the entire thing will follow you even if you cross the length and breadth of Britain to avoid it. This is incredibly annoying and pretty much kills balance.

Creativity: 3
It is a timeless story of King Arthur, however, the author has focused on the lesser known part of it--the story *before* Arthur was even born. In some ways, this period of time is much more interesting (if simply because it hasn't been done so nearly to death as King Arthur himself as been). The fairly wide variety of quests also helps.

Map Design: 2
I see that some effort has been made with the map, but only some. There is very little terrain mixing, making for large expanses of boring grass1 only briefly interspersed with a couple tiles of grass2. Vortigern's court is also more grassy plain than king's court, while both it and Merlin's home have random crates standing around, oddly enough. The 'village' is merely a granary with farms around it. Merlin also appears to enjoy old, semi-broken cobblestone floors rather than nice wood or tile. There is also very little use of gaia objects outside the random crates and barrels.

Story/Instructions: 3
The story, though nearly timeless, is told in a very basic way in the scenario.: Uther is unhappy, Vortigern wants to fix this problem while retaining kingship. The objectives are basic enough to be clear without any supporting detail (of which there is some, but is confined to very basic advice: watch out for enemies, asking for help may be helpful), but detail beyond that would be nice (if only details relating to the story, so as to fill it out). Also, it's kind of annoying that there are no spaces between a period and the beginning of the next sentence.

Additional Comments:
- Fixing up the 40 speed thing would be good (try to think of another way to be able to survive a little clash with Uther's army).
- It would be a good idea to try to fix the balance--at least so that Uther's entire army doesn't immediately begin following you around.
- Creativity is a hard thing to give advice for...just think of creative things that fit and try your best at them.
- For map design: terrain mixing and more common sense (and generally) usage of gaia objects are a must. also, common sense usage of terrains should be evident as well--a home should have stone or wood floor or the like, not old road.
- For the story/instructions, going deeper into the actual story to help explain things or just to give a bit more background would be a very good idea

and just wondering, is your inspiration for this the Gordon Farrell's Pendragon Saga for Age of Kings? I feel as if I see some similarities between the two (which I didn't penalize for--I really liked that campaign and would love to see it remade for Empires, and if this is improved enough it definitely has the possibillity of getting close to that one, I think)

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Map Design2.0
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