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Downloads Home » Campaigns » 1837 - 1947 - Chapter 1 - Revolution and Aggression

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1837 - 1947 - Chapter 1 - Revolution and Aggression

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Style: Mix
# of Scenarios: 3
Version: Empires: Retail Release
On December 4th 1837, William Lyon Mackenzie led a group of rebellious Upper Canadians in an attack upon Queens Park, the head of government in Upper Canada. Despite being both outnumbered and out gunned the rebels were able to prevail. Why did this happen, what factors caused loyal British subjects to take arms against the government they had sworn allegiance to? More importantly how was it that a small contingent of farmers were able to defeat the forces charged with guarding the city of Toronto?
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Bomber_09 Playability: 4
(Insert Playability analysis here)

Balance: 3
(Insert Balance analysis here)

Creativity: 5
(Insert Creativity analysis here)

Map Design: 4
(Insert Map Design analysis here)

Story/Instructions: 4
(Insert Story/Instructions analysis here)

Additional Comments:
i think its great to have someone tellin how canada took it to the states way back when since they being so powerful nowi hope to have the other chapters and keep up the good work CANADA RULES

[Edited on 04/12/05 @ 01:34 AM]

File Author
Thanks for the review, but in conjunction with the rules of this site you need to explain your review. Simply posting numbers is unacceptable.
Bomber_09 oh sorry i didnt see any place to write under the heading numbers sorry my mistake
Bomber_09 and how many scenarios are there
File Author
There are 3 scenarios in this campaign.
Bomber_09 i beat it wasnt that challenging accept for the secondd scenario they almost breached me why dont americans attack my team colour and whaat will the other chapters be about u totally skiped the 1812 war
File Author
Why would I include the War of 1812? This campaign is on a different historical timeline that starts in 1837.

Chapter 2 covers the Confederate War of Succession, Chapter 3 covers the Confederate-Central American Wars, Chapter 4 covers World War I, Chapter 5 covers the Spanish Civil War and Chapter 6 covers World War II.

[Edited on 03/12/05 @ 02:03 PM]

Bomber_09 when will htey be available
File Author
They most likely will be made for other RTS games.
Derfel Cadarn
Map Design5.0
Intrepid's latest campaign for Empires takes us to a grand alternative history setting, in fact it is grander than any before turned into a campaign. Set in British North America, we lead Canadian revolutionaries from the rebellion against the United Kingdom to a war against the United States.
However, this is only the first Chapter in what is to be a series of campaigns spanning from this revolution up to the second World War.

Playability: 4
Starting out as Canadian revolutionaries in this three-scenario campaign, we have to liberate Toronto from its British garrison. This attack took place in actual history - but the rebels gave up when they overestimated British forces. This first scenario has very tense moments of combat - however, there's also quite a few dull bits, as large parts of the city have no guards at all.
The other two scenarios are much better, in that regard. The second scenario is by far the hardest: the now officially independent Canadians have to fight off a massive American assault at fort Winnipeg. The player only has control of the artillery, but this does not take away any of the fun: managing the gun crews and attack locations is a hard enough task to keep you entertained and on your toes.
The third scenario portrays the final battle in the Can-American War, the Battle of the Niagara. The Canadians have to defend against overwhelming odds, but through good strategy and help from the American Indians, can manage to win the day.

Improvements possible:
* More to do in the first scenario (going door-to-door in Jehova Witness fashion isn't all that thrilling).

Balance: 5
Balance is always a hard point to rate; not only will different strategies on the player's side as well as luck be able to make a battle (seem) harder or easier, in this case the AI actually uses different approaches in the final battle. I cannot say I played through all the versions of this fight, but the one I did seemed well balanced. The first scenario also showed good balance, though perhaps there should be a limit to the number of times Mackenzie can rise from the dead.
The second scenario is the hardest to me; it took me a few tries to win. Nevertheless, I think losing a few times should be considered well balanced: winning in one go is a bit dull. A player has to think his strategies through to succeed.

* Nothing, really.

Creativity: 5
This extensive campaign brings up plenty of fresh, innovative features to entertain us. Including, but not limited to cavalry dealing trample damage to nearby infantry, different artillery reload times depending on the crew present, going door to door to get new recruits, etc. In fact the artillery system in the second scenario was so revolutionary that many players didn't grasp how it worked at all the first few times - apparently this proves that players are lazy in reading the objectives.

* Keep astounding us with your fresh ideas.

Map Design: 5
Empires map design is one of the least satisfying features of the game. There's simply not enough terrains to properly vary areas and it certainly limits the series of landscapes a designer can create. However, Intrepid has done all he could in this regard, including a few nifty new effects, such as a log bridge.

* None.

Story/Instructions: 5
I have already described the story in some length above. All I can say now is that it was well brought: excellent cinematics enhanced the feeling, the story was very well researched and for those skeptic, there is an expensive historical guide included, explaining exactly how and why everything happened as it did in the campaign. Really, the only con is spelling errors throughout the campaign, which should not have been expected from a native English speaker, but they were not annoying enough to make me lower the score.

* Spell-check your texts using the handy export feature Empires provides. This would prevent errors such as "Solider".

Additional Comments:
Overall, an excellent example of a story-driven campaign. Well executed, brough to us by one of the best and most experienced of designers. The alternative history provided here is captivating, and although Intrepid has already revealed how it will progress, to a certain extent, I can only wait in anticipation to see how it will turn out in an actual campaign.

Well done!
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Map Design5.0
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