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Europe Under Fire 3

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# of Players: 6
Version: Empires: Retail Release
Scn Punk - www.scnpunk.com

Preamble: Europe Under Fire 3 offers a variety of game types and styles on a well-crafted map of Europe

Map Design
- A superbly crafted map of Europe
- Random elements to make the map look slightly different every time
- Low file size in comparison to other World maps and Europe maps

- Multiple game play styles, types and mechanics make each playing experience a different one
- The ability to choose the starting and ending age and the set up of the teams
- Choose between random starting points and historical starting points
- Choose between standard resources and deathmatch resources
- Deathmatch fanatics no longer have to worry about resources depleting as in deathmatch mode they will be supplied with an infinite amount.

Game types

- Standard: Your standard Empires Action settings
- Nomad: Your citizens start scattered around the map
- Boat Launch: Choose where to start your civilization by landing your citizens where you want

Game Mechanics:

- Standard: Standard Empires game mechanics
- Unlimited resources: Gold, fish and wood will replenish themselves as the game goes on
- Treasure Chests: Multiple treasure chests are hidden around the map, if you can uncover them you
can gain an advantage for your civilization
- Europe Blood: Soldiers spawn at your town center, for every 100 kills you get to upgrade your soldiers.
- Anti Blood: Players are rewarded for the number of deaths they tally up as opposed to the number of kills.
- Armory: The armory requirements for certain units has been removed.
- Fortresses: Fortresses have been augmented so they now have special abilities. The British Fortress is cloaked and heals units. The Russian Fortress produces free conscripts. The French Fortress comes with an AA battery. The German Fortress comes with a tower. The American Fortress produces a field of mines around it.
- Regicide: Each player starts with a king, if the king dies you lose.
- Point Capture: Victory can be achieved but controlling various strategic points.
- Kidnapping: Each player has a king that can be kidnapped and used to produce gold.
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File Author
If you have downloaded this scenario before I posted this message, you need to download it again.
Sir Nickolas
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
You can play this in so many different modes and types and I'm still not sick of it after about 5 goes and it still seems fun, im still gettina roudn to settling grenland before others.

Balance: 4
Normal empires balance nothing really new or ectra added but still pretty fair despite my friend complaining that russian halftracks always get owned by KTT's.

Creativity: 5
Has been done before but the fact that nomad, boat landing and random starting places with the option of chests, regenerating resources and more it is a lot more original than it seemed.

Map Design: 5
The map is good and does really portray what europe is like, eye candy is pleasing and evident and the fact that the map is so realistic is the essence of this 5, by the way if i didn't noitice a mistake it doesn't matter because i like this map above all other ones i have seen, ok the europe map is also just as good.

Story/Instructions: 3
No real story other than europe being its setting but many MP scenarios don't have one and in fact yu can make your own story, no real instructions as only nomad and kidnapping modes need explaining. Taken into consideration intrepid seem im confusing SP with MP.

Additional Comments:
Very nice work intrepid and anyone else associate, awesome map and fun styles of play, lucky number 6 for me and counting when i next play it, can't wait for the advanced version ;)

[Edited on 05/28/04 @ 11:52 AM]

File Author
Thanks for the review. One note though, it normally isn't considered good reviewing etiquette to lower the score of multiplayer scenarios on the account that they fail to provide a story. If I were to give this map a story it would be fairly lame and would only serve as a hassle to players.
LittleNick6 when you download it after it is done do you have to unzip the file. and if so how do i get to play it on Empires
File Author
Updated - See file description for changes.

If you downloaded the file before you will need to download it again.

[Edited on 06/25/04 @ 08:47 PM]

File Author
Expect an updated version of EUF 3 to come out shortly in the upcoming week.
File Author

- Stone mine problem fixed
- Upgraded objectives system
- Point capture timer fixed
- Europe Blood Kill counter fixed
File Author

- Fixed Us Mine bug in Fortress mode
- Russian conscripts do train from fortresses as fast

HGDL v0.8.1

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Map Design5.0
Favorites: [Who?]1
Size:390.59 KB