posted 07-07-09 11:35 AM EDT (US)   
I keep getting my ass whooped to me in multiplayer (everyone playing in multiplayer has been playing for much longer than I do.

And I only play casually because I've also been playing newer games (America's Army 3 FTW).

I stil play Empires because it's perhaps the only Age of Empires type game I like (Age of Empires 3 sucked for me, Rise and Fall is dead and Rise of Nations is more like Civilization than Age of Empires) and there seems to no game to fill that spot for me except for the original Age of Kings which has become a bit two old and boring because of the time I played it and perhaps the upcoming 0AD.

Either way they beat me in the first stages of the games. And when I play team games I can't hold up really well because I start bad.

I've also been playing in that program advertised in this forum by another poster but unfortunately no one plays there except people who've downloaded the game.

So anyone has some good starting build orders, and can anyone tel me when should I build a barracks and start pumping out troops.

I would be much appreciated.