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Topic Subject: Help with in game Videos.....
posted 11-10-03 05:22 PM EDT (US)   
Is there a tutorial anyplace to help make the videos in game play more .....less frustrating for me?

Thanks, also is there a lighting bolt game effect in the editor? I am working on a Highlander Campagin based off the movies and serise.

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by the way, I am Majicman182, I had to change e-mail address and thus I got a new name.
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why didn't you just change your email address in profile?

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posted 11-11-03 11:12 AM EDT (US)     3 / 4  
I don't think there are any cinematic tutorials out there yet (unless someone not from sssi has written one). We're working on the manual as we speak, and I think we plan on having it available for the community in early December. So until then, I'll give you a quick run through, and then if there are more specific questions, ask away. I'm going to put in the downloads section, as a tutorial. Maybe I'll throw together a simple cinemtic scenario as well.
posted 11-11-03 04:11 PM EDT (US)     4 / 4  
The first step in creating a cinematic is to create the start and end effects. To do this, go to the Effects Tab, then pick Game Effect. You're going to create two effects, one Start Cinematic, and one End Cinematic. When you do the Start Cinematic, you need to specify three things: the speed (default is 1.0, game speed is 1.5), whether you are going to allow death and damage (default is off, unless you have specific reason to turn it on, leave it off), and end location (this is where the camera will center after the cinematic. If left blank, the camera will go to the center of the map). Now go back to the Trigger tab, and make some triggers, one that has the Start Effect, and one with the End effect. Remember that every effect that is in a cinematic (including the start and end) needs to have the Include in Cinematic box checked.

Now set up any triggers that will move your units around, display dialogues, play sounds, etc. I won't cover that stuff here, since it's all basic trigger work.

Now for cameras. There are two ways of creating a camera. The first is a Script Camera. Script Cameras are Player Effects. There are a few things you can specify. The first is the player for which the script camera appears. Next we have Move Camera. This is the object or area that the camera moves to. Face Camera is where the camera looks. If you check Follow, then when the object specified in Move Camera moves, then the camera will move with the object. If Track is checked, then if the object in Face Camera moves, then the camera will continue to face it. Scroll Speed is how fast the camera switches from the current view to the Script Camera. Zoom Level is self explanatory.

The other way to create cameras is by creating a camera path. A camera path is like an invisible line that the camera follows. Switch to the Camera tab. Hit New to create a new path. You will now see a box at the bottom right. This is a list of all the cameras. Position the camera to a shot you like, then hit Create. A camera will now be created. To create a path, just add one or more cameras to the path. Make sure to specify a duration for your path. If you like, you can tie the length of the path to the length of an audio file. The set of fields and numbers in the upper right allow you to create smooth, circular camera paths. I won't go into that now.

Now that you have some cameras, go back to the Trigger tab. Camera Paths and Script Cameras work like an effect: just grab it from the drop down list.

Hope this helps clarify a few things. If you have questions, you can either wait for the manual (we think early December), or just ask in the Scen Ed forums. Most likely someone will have figured it out, or I'll see it and answer.

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