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Topic Subject: Getting the right civilian units
posted 12-23-03 11:04 PM EDT (US)   
This thread is inspired by _o0XxX0o_'s thread about getting multiple civ units out of the same barracks...

One of the things that bothered me when working on the Patton campaign is that if you captured a French town, and you were given ownership of the TC, it produced AMERICAN civilians --- which seemed pretty weird! They should be friendly Frenchmen helping you out!

So I found a way around this. As soon as Player 1 gets ownership of a TC, replace it with a TC of the same nationality type but owned by Player 1. It will now produce French civilians owned and controlled by Player 1!

This will be most useful in WW2 or WWI campaigns. The medieval French and English civilians are not so different that it's distracting. But I see that some players (including moi) are using Asian units as Arabs or Saracens. In this case, you might have a Saracen TC (say) taken over by crusaders. By using the above trick you can make sure it still produces the right type of civilians instead of European civilians.

posted 12-23-03 11:14 PM EDT (US)     1 / 5  
Cool .
Did you ever get the confirmation sounds working?

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posted 12-24-03 00:10 AM EDT (US)     2 / 5  
Don't make me give you a warning for pulling this off-topic, AzN.

Now, Gordon, does this work with barracks and the like as well?

Tsunami Studios
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posted 12-24-03 04:10 AM EDT (US)     3 / 5  
Byz, it works with all units, all civs, all buildings(except research buildings), as long as the unit is made in the civ building associted with it(if ur american and want to make russian conscripts, a russian barracks has to be on map, normal conversion of a russian barracks to an ammericn civ turns it into an american barracks). Have triggers either create a russian barracks, or replace an american barracks to russian one, If one is not already on map.

Just laying a unit on the map before testing, makes that unit availible to any civ...but if saved, it won't always work.

Using the described situation according to Gordon, all that has to be done is, that at the start of a game, a player 1(american civ) french citizen is created and removed off the map with a 0.01 delay for removing. Then when french player tc is changed ownership anytime during the game, replace it with a french tc, with a 0.01 delay on the replace tc effect.

Only possible drawbacks are;

1. If the game is saved for later, after the citizen is created/removed and befor the tc is changed, it may not work.

2 If age advance after citizen created/removed and before tc is changed, it may not work.

Best to create citizen off map just before american civ owned french tc is replaced to, all in the same trigger.


getting multiple civ units out of the same barracks

Can't be the same barracks, but using multiple flares or impassible tiles on the same spot, u can have 5 differrent barracks on the same spot..face the flares in different directions and different barracks can seen for easier selection.

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posted 12-24-03 12:14 PM EDT (US)     4 / 5  
Good job, Gordon.

Woad Creations veteran, WiC junkie
posted 12-26-03 08:57 PM EDT (US)     5 / 5  
So this is what I've ascertained...

When I was building Patton scenarios, if you gave P1 a French-style TC he could automatically produce P1-owned French-style civilians. Apparently this was identified as a bug and eliminated.

However, the same effect can be easily achieved, with considerably fewer triggers than oXo's method.

Let's say you've spent a lot of time creating a beautiful town in the style of Korean architecture. Now you have French units invade and take ownership of the town. Wham-o, suddenly the whole town becomes French! Instead of getting the feeling of foreigners occupying a town built by another culture, you have a very unrealistic magical transformation going on.

So instead of a "change ownership" effect, try this:

- Remove the Korean buildings

- After a .01 pause, create new Korean buildings in the exact same spaces, but owned by the French civ

- Modify P1's tech tree to allow him to produce Korean commoners, Korean soldiers, monks, or whatever else is appropriate to the captured buildings.

- The buildings will now create Korean units owned by the French Player -- "locals" who are now working for the occupier/liberator.

- The Korean commoners will be able to build only Korean-style buildings. Whatever type of Korean buildings P1 now controls will automatically be available for the commoners to build, and only that type --- unless you modify P1's tech tree to allow him to build other types of Korean structures.

- French peasants will still come out of French TCs, and they will only build French style buildings

- The newly-built French-owned Korean buildings will have all the bonuses normally assigned to French buildings

The main thing is that an elaborate set of replace object-with-object triggers isn't necessary to get the "authentic local units" popping out of their respective buildings. Just enable P1's tech tree and it will happen automatically.

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