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LoTR: The Third Age Preview

A bit back I was given the chance to attend a community day in San Francisco for Electronic Arts' first LoTR RPG; in fact, possibly the first LoTR RPG to ever to be made. With community days and press events comes previews here at HeavenGames, so I've got a shiny new preview and some screenshots for you all on the game. Enjoy!

"In the last decade, we've seen a huge surge of LoTR-based Role-Playing Games such as Everquest and Baldur's Gate, many of which have been tremendously popular. Where's the Role-Playing LoTR game? I mean, hell, why isn't there a game made specifically for the story that started it all? Well, Electronic Arts has finally heard the desires of the fans and has addressed that desire with The Third Age."

Forum Party Tomorrow! September 11

Not quite the day to be celebrating on, but we can always T.G.I.F. I hope all of you will join us tomorrow to kick off the weekend. We'll play a few good games of Empires while we're at it. Be sure to B.Y.O.B., since we're already using acronyms. So check out the Forum Party Thread for general rants. It will be held in the Tournament Room at 11AM EST and 7PM EST. No need to R.S.V.P... sorry, couldn't help it ;)

Two new articles for the Strategy Central

Recently, we've put up two new articles for the Strategy Central. One, written by DoJo_AntiAmi gives a look back to the early days of Empires: Dawn of the Modern World and it's fairly intricate strategies. Be sure to check out the Retrospect Analysis of Empires: Dawn of the Modern World - Part 1. Another article was written by HWGĆE. In his Newbie Guide to Empires, he discusses various ideas and tactics for the early game, the first two minutes. Make sure to check them both out. Ah, the nostalgia of early Empires! ^^

Forum Party Tomorrow! September 04

Finally this long week has come to an end. It's time to relax to the soothing sounds of Empires. So come this Saturday and join us at our Forum Party. I have to deal with the hurricane this weekend, so I won't be there. But that shouldn't stop you guys from going! It will be held at 11AM EST and 7PM EST in the Tournament Room. Be sure to check the Forum Party Thread for more information.

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