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Exemplary Achievement at the Front: Lands of Iniquity

This week's featured design project (a bit late, due to unforeseen circumstances) is that of another veteran EE and Empires designer--Hank, creator of Lands of Iniquity, which was rated 4.4 average by two reviewers, cementing its place among the ranks of Empires' best design works.

Lands of Iniquity (UPDATED 5/1/04)

This is a two scenario campaign, the first half of the full campaign.

The campaign is not historically accurate. The story, characters and events are fictional or somewhat fictional.


- Two full scenarios
- Intriguing story full of original dialogue and many, many cinematics
- Fixed force and RPG elements, including in-game decisions that can change the outcome of the final scenario
- Custom music

Feedback and bug reports can be sent to: Timskorn@aol.com

Thanks and enjoy.

Indeed, quite a sparse description and introduction to the project. However, excerpts from the following two reviews are not sparse, accurately highlighting both the project's achievements and flaws.

Although what there is is fun, it's way too short. The entire campaign can be played in approximately half an hour (though that, perhaps, is rushed). It feels more like a cinematic campaign with you interfering in the events a bit. On the positive side, what there is is great fun, the battles are intense (though a bit easy) and there is loads of atmosphere, mainly created by the cinematics. A low point for playability is the second scenario, in which until the final battle, the only troops to fight were one Count's men. The rest of the map was mostly empty, and you could basically blindly task Lucian from one objective point to the other without actually guiding him.
- Kor aka Derfel Cadarn

I had fun when I was allowed to join in on the action. Unfortunately there was not enough player participation or interaction. This would be a 5 if you could add-to or lengthen the main story line to include a couple (2 or 3) of player-interaction short-stories. In addition to adding short-stories, make the players interaction longer and exciting. be careful not to get too drawn out or loose sight of the main story line. A good story has a begining, middle and end (Don't get lost in the middle; you might say).
- toolboy

As you may infer, Lands of Iniquity is quite a fun scenario once the player is in actual command. So don't delay, download it and command a battalion of Englishmen today!

Exemplary Achievement at the Front: The Siege of Vienna

This week I will flaunt the work of a veteran Empire Earth and Empires designer, one who was Seraph of Empires Heaven for a while--The Siege of Vienna, by Intrepid! He uploaded this work under an alias, Scenario Design, and meant for the scenario to be an experiment, as it was a project wholly lacking in triggers. His experiment was quite successful, as it scored a 4.6 from myself. Of course, the author's description of his scenario must be provided.

Duke Frederick to Nicholas Graf von Salm

September 1, 1529

I am intrusting you with the defense of Vienna, I have been ordered by the most gratuitous sovereign Ferdinand I to oversee the security of this noble city. Your stellar reputation makes you the best candidate for the job. The Turks under Sultan Suleiman II have already slain and pillaged much of the land to the East. It will be your job to defend this city and save Western Christianity from the Turkish hordes. Suleiman II is marching towards the city with over 325 000 men, but with gods grace you will prevail. You will be compensated greatly for your efforts.


Duke Frederick

Of course, the people must know what the reviewer thought of the project. Again, as with the previous entry, I will quote the relatively holistic playability rating given to the scenario.

This was fun to play. Watching the borders of your land, always wondering when a Turkish squad will come out of the fog of war adds to the tension. However, once you realize the enemy doesn't actually attack, you only need to pump out units and attack them, which is still fun. Yet there are still some unique moments, such as when your cavalry attacks the enemy artillery and captures all of it.

Such a scenario hearkens back to the old days, when triggers were still but a dream and the designer relied on his mapping skills, the AI and the variable difficulties to make the scenario fun and challenging. I am quite pleased to say that The Siege of Vienna easily compares to the best of this species of project, regardless of which specific game serves as the actual medium.
Anyway, it is well worth a download and an attempt at playing on the hardest difficulties. To defend Vienna successfully is to parry the gravest assault Western Christendom had yet faced, and the rewards shall be great!

Exemplary Achievement at the Front: Fallen City

Each week, at its end (Sunday evening wherever I may be), I will present to Heavengames a scenario that truly deserves the appellation as 'One of the Best' here at Empires Heaven. This week, it shall be Fallen City by Oscar. His creation received a 4.8 from yours truly, quite an accomplishment! Without further ado, Fallen City!

In the year of our Lord 1241 Subotai's Mongolian hordes were covering the eastern Europe with blood. Hundreds of cities and villages were slaughtered and many others were threatened. Among these ones there was Silistra, a rich and impregnable city located in the Danubian Rumania built on an island in the middle of a lake. Sebastiano Venier, a Venetian merchant-prince, followed by Bishop Colonna and by a little escort, was reaching Silistra for business and for love but he was unaware they were running into pain and death.

Fantasy single player scenario totally invented for Empires: Dawn of the Modern World.
Fallen city is a fixed forces map fully based on the micromangement of few units. Have fun!

To quote my own review of this fine scenario ('cause I'm lazy like that, get used to it 'cause I'll be doing it a lot):
This is quite a fun scenario to play. It is one of the few (perhaps the only?) pseudo-RPG that has graced this heaven and, as such, is a very welcome addition to the downloads sections. It is very well balanced, leading to challenging but not anywhere near impossible (if you micromanage your units) gameplay. The scenario is quite creative and the map design is incredible. Finally, the story/instructions are incredibly well done and leave nothing more to be desired from them.

I might add that, thus far, Fallen City is the only non-campaign single player scenario to grace the top rated section of Empires Heaven. If you have Empires, I heartily urge you to download this amazing scenario and give it a whirl! You shan't be disappointed with it.

New Chores for an Old Hand

So I'm just minding my own business, y'know, just signed in on MSN and whatnot and Zen comes up to me (err well, a little box in the lower righthand corner pops up informing me that I had a message from him) and we begin talking. To make a short story shorter by (perhaps unnecessarily) skimping on the details, Empires Heaven has a webmaster once more.

Hi people, 'tis me. You are welcome to flood my inbox with gratuitous emails of congratulations, or something to that effect, if you feel like it.

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