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Forum Party Tomorrow! August 28

Sorry about the extremely late post, I was away the entire day. It seems the days are getting shorter and shorter :p. Nevertheless, the Forum Party is still on for Satuday. It will be at 11AM EST and 7PM EST
in the Tournament Room. Check the Forum Party Thread for all the details. So come one, come all and join us for a few games! Hope to see you there!

Forum Party Tomorrow! August 21

We played scenarios throughout the forum party last week, which was refreshing. Suggest your favorite multiplayer scenarios to us and we'll give them a go this week. Be sure they are located in our Downloads Section, though. Otherwise, we can play the normal RM, possibly with some weird settings! The forum party will be held in the Tournament Room at 11AM EST and 7PM EST. So check out the Forum Party Thread for all the information. Hope to see you there!

Poll Roundup

Not surprisingly, the results of What is the first page you go to at EH? show hat most people go to the main news page here at EH. Makes sense, since it is indeed the main page. Here's the results:

[63%] Main news page
[18%] Forums main
[19%] Other

Total: 90 votes
Cheat codes can be an interesting spice to add to someone's gameplay, How often do you use cheat codes? Answer in our poll!

Forum Party Tomorrow! August 14

If it's Saturday, there's going to be Forum Party. This Saturday, we will be holding two sessions, one in the morning and one at night. We had a blast playing Borodino last week, hopefully we can play some more this week. It will be held at 11AM EST and 7PM EST in the Tournament Room. Check the Forum Party Thread for all the details. Hope to see you there!

New Scenario Design Article!

Shadowgate has submitted an article to the Scenario Design Library. It's on making Realistic Cities. Check it out! Here's an excerpt:
How many times have you played a scenario that had cities in it that looked like the computers AI randomly placed buildings in an un-orderly fashion? I’ve seen many of those and I’m sure you have also. This tutorial will hopefully provide with how to create realistic cities.
Remember, the Scenario Design Library is always looking for new articles, if you have an article you would like to submit you can email it to Talon Karrde and he will format and upload it for you.

Welcome EH's Newest Angel

Due to Adder's pursuits of other projects in HeavenGames, Talon Karrde has been chosen to join the Empires Heaven staff as his replacement. Talon has contributed a number of existing articles to the Scenario Design Library and should prove to be a very good administrator of the site section.

Congratulations, dude!

Poll Roundup

As with the AoMH poll, What do you think of Armies of eXigo? got pretty much evenly-spaced opinions across the board...though just a couple more are indifferent rather than the others. Interesting, here's the results:

[24%] It'll be awesome
[24%] Looks good
[27%] Indifferent
[25%] It won't be very good

Total: 67 votes
People oftentimes don't first hit the same page on a website when they visit it, what is the first page you go to at EH? Answer in our poll!

Forum Party Tomorrow! August 7

I'm sure most of you are preparing for “Back to School”, which is one reason for us bringing back the night sessions of our weekly Forum Party. Last week’s party seemed to be successful, so we’ll go for it again this week. The night session is held at 7PM EST. The morning session will be held at 11PM EST in the Tournament Room. So check the Forum Party Thread for all the information. Hope to see you there!

Poll Roundup

It looks like - according to What do you think of Battle for Middle Earth? - most people are really looking foward to BME. It does look to be a good game, we'll see how it turns out! Here's the results:

[55%] It looks great
[16%] It looks ok
[10%] Indifferent
[19%] Don't like it

Total: 139 votes
Another game that I checked out recently was Armies of eXigo. After reading HeavenGames' preview of the game, what do you think of it? Answer in our poll, and talk about it in the forums!

Imperial Review

The second patch for Empires came out last week; though much of the community expected and wanter a balance patch, the Gamespy lobby problem being fixed was at least appreciated in that SSSI is still working a bit on the game. A lot of talk in the forums has gone on concerning the state of the game and the patch; a couple forumers bring up good points and insight into their view of the situation. If another patch wasn't enough to get you to play the game, then EBGames selling Empires for $9.99 should probably be the incentive needed. For a game that's less than a year old, that's nothing short of the best deal you can possibly get.

EH has been doing fairly well with articles added to our database, the first one coming from AntiAmi. In the article, he shows players how to properly conduct a Boom strategy in Empires. The second article - written by Talon Karrde - went to the Scenario Design Library, explaining how to create good-looking cemetaries in the editor. Both articles are worth reading for their respective communities, so check 'em out!

What's coming next week? Dunno, I'll keep you up to date though.

That's it for this week, see you 'round the empire!

Creating Tiny Gates

_o0XxX0o_ showed the scen design community how to create gates considerably smaller than regular ones, used for whatever creative reason that a designer could find; a gate for a race of halflings, maybe? Here's some of what he did:

"No replace effect. No saved game opened up in the editor.

This effect uses Hank's copy/paste units trick, the one where u select a group of units and alt+shift doubleclick on them.

First put 4 wall segments together. Then select all 4 walls and alt+shift doubleclick them, then place them where u want them. Then repeat the copy/paste on the same 4 walls and place them exactly ontop of the placed 4 walls, except move them to the side so 1 of the 4 walls being moved is not overlapped, and u see 5 wall segments. Now..."

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