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Empires Heaven and RSS Feeds

Always wished that you could track important posts on the forums with an RSS Feed, well now you can. Users can now track VIP posts, new topics and new messages.

To learn more about RSS feeds check out this wikpedia article.

Scenario Design Classes?

New York University is holding classes this term on the topic of Dialogue and Narrative Creation for Electronic Games. The classes are being run by the famous designer Gordon Farrell, who I am sure all of you are familiar with for his outstanding scenarios for Age of Kings, Empire Earth and Empires: Dawn of the Modern World. Gordon has worked with numerous gaming companies, including SSSI, Breakaway Games and Tilted Mill.

If your interested in the course you can learn more about it here.

The course runs from June 26th, through to August 2nd.

A Flurry of Activity

Recently here at Empires Heaven there has been a flurry of activity in our Recorded Games section. A big thanks goes out to Easy_KO and RTEHistDesign for their recent contributions.

Here is an excerpt of a recent review by elder_king of a recorded game upload by RTEHistDesign:
The unique aspect of this match was that both sides showed examples of expert thinking- know what your enemy wants to accomplish instead of only what you want to do. Through a long and instense fight RTE's micro was finally able to push out Sausage's forward houses, although it was in jeopardy at times due to Sausage's armored cars targeting his mortars. The mortar gas wasn't as helpful as it could have been because Sausage knew its purpose was to make him retreat- so he ruthlessly advanced instead of retreating when it was fired.

Recorded games are a great tool for improving your Empires skills. So if you are just learning how to play Empires, or are working at improving your playing skills our Recorded Games Section can be a great asset.

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