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Previews and the like

It's been a little while since my last news update on Rise and Fall, and quite a bit has happened since then. I'll go through it all in hopes of leaving you overwhelmed. First off, Ranger from SSSI posted on our forums with four new articles on the game. To the best of my knowledge they don't contain any new information about the game but new perspectives are always nice. You can view the four at Gamehelper, GamersWithJobs, G4TV and 1Up.

In addition to the stuff that Ranger reported there's some great new screenshots and movies to be found at GameSpot's page on Rise and Fall.

And that's it. All this new information has sure made me more excited than I was (and I hadn't even realized that was possible). Hopefully it's done the same for you. ;-)

I love E3

Don't you? Yet another preview's been posted. This time Gamespy's the culprit. Some cool new information was included in this preview:
Rather than mere peasants doing everything from building to mining, Rise & Fall features actual workers from the classical age, including craftsman and artisans, as well as scientists to help advance your technology, so you wouldn't feel stuck in the Bronze Age forever! Likewise, military and economic advisors will be present to help you rule your newly captured territories. This is played out through an added layer of detail, similar to that of the Total War games. And the lands you add you to empire won't be empty or completely pacified, either.
There's more if you check out the full preview!

More Rise & Fall Stuff

This time IGN's to thank. Quite a bit more information was released including some clips of the game, a preview and some more new screenshots. Good stuff, here's an excerpt from the preview:
Firstly, Rise & Fall looks really good. In a crowded RTS market, especially with games like Age of Empires III and Company of Heroes breaking new ground, newer genre titles have to look great and Stainless Steel has been spending good time creating a nice visual style that's similar to previous titles, but oh so much more detailed. Half of the demo at the Midway event was real-time video of battles happening between AI and half playable game (minus some important bits).
Check out the preview and the videos!

New Rise and Fall Information!

Thank GameSpot for this! A lot more information has been released on Rise and Fall. Gamespot's put up an official trailer (which is quite good!), a video interview with Rick Goodman, some new screenshots and another preview. Here's an except from it:
That's when you'll recruit an expensive, highly trained slave drummer for your ships to whip your rows and rows of rowers into a frenzy, bringing your ship to ramming speed so that you can smash right through the hull of your enemy's ship. But be warned--just as you can attack enemy crews at sea, every single hand on your decks can be attacked by enemy soldiers as well, so if your expensive drummer takes one too many arrows, your brilliant plan to ram your foe's capital ship will be history.
You can check out everything here!

Second Part IGN Interview

IGN has posted the second half of their Rise and Fall interview with Rick Goodman. Here's an excerpt:
The Egyptians have the War Camel, which is their version of cavalry. The neat thing about it is that since it's higher than a horse, the rider actually has to lean down in order to attack enemy soldiers, which creates a really unique feeling. We also have weapons like the Fire Razor, a primitive flamethrower that incinerates any enemy soldiers caught in its path, and the Archimedes Claw, a defensive super weapon that smashes enemy siege equipment.
Check out the full article

New Preview

Hank has just informed me of another new preview for Rise and Fall that's been published on the web. This one, by TotalVideoGames.com, is another question and answer series. Not a whole lot of new stuff but interesting none the less:
The Romans are the classic civilization, the one that everyone expects to see, so their reliance on formations and highly-disciplined troops is well known. It was important to get that aspect of their military into Rise & Fall, so the Romans will have Veteran Formations.
Check out the full article

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