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Another Interview

Looks like I missed one at IGN from about 6 days ago. Nonetheless the interview has some great information. Here's a rather large (and extremely interesting) except:
Rick Goodman: Rise & Fall will feature a new resource called Glory. We created this resource to simulate the reputation of your Hero - for example, as the real Alexander the Great began to pile up victory after victory against the Persians, the more people wanted to join his retinue.

During the game, you obtain Glory by exploring the map, expanding your empire or defeating the enemy in battle.The great thing about Glory is that it's a very flexible resource - you can use it to upgrade your troops, research new technologies or level up your Hero character.

All of the units in the game will gain experience and increase in skill and strength. There will be three upgrade levels, and we represent each upgrade with new art and soldier designs.

If you choose the latter, each upgrade will increase your Hero's stamina - which governs how long you can stay in Hero Command - and also increase the Hero's strength and power. Again, it all comes down to choices and how you want to play the game. If you want to forego the tech upgrades and focus all of your energy on turning your Hero into an unstoppable killing machine, it's totally up to you.
Check out the full interview here!

Thanks to Lysimachus for the heads up!

Another New Preview

Hank has let us know of another new Rise and Fall interview, this time from Computer Games Magazine. Here's an excerpt:
Rise & Fall is divided into two single-player campaigns, both of which are story-driven adventures that take you all over the ancient world. The first chronicles the exploits of Alexander the Great as he finds himself sitting on the Macedonian throne and forced to wage war against Greece's bitter enemies, the Persians. His campaign against the Persians goes from Greece to Asia Minor, and along the way, you'll experience some of Alexander's greatest battles, such as the Siege at Tyre.
The game's looking good as always! Check out the interview here.

New Interview

Yipes, it's been quite some time since I've posted news here. After I left EH as a staff member I lost the information I needed to post news. I just went searching through some old documents and re-found some information. But that's beside the point, this news post isn't. I was looking around earlier and noticed an interview about Rise and Fall at Computer and Video Games. Here's a bit of an excerpt:
Beyond Hero Command and Naval Combat, the combat in Rise & Fall will really set a new bar for RTS games. We're using unit formations, but instead of the formations being treated as an individual unit, each unit within that formation is an individual unit. What that means is that when a catapult ball smashes into a formation, it may take out seven or eight men and send them flying, the rest of the formation remains intact.

And we're doing some really ground-breaking work with the unit AI, as well. We've programmed the units with an "army intelligence", so all of your formations know where each other are. And if you've selected a large group of formations and tell them to attack, they'll automatically form up with spearmen up front, archers in the rear, and siege weapons behind them.The game gets better by the day. I can't wait! Check out the full article here.

Rise & Fall Q&A at Gamespot!

Gamespot did a great 3 pages interview with SSSI about Rise & Fall. The interview covers many interesting things such as the economy model, and territory capturing as well as heroes and their role in the game. Here's an excerpt:
And because all of the buildings and structures in Rise & Fall are completely accurate in their scale, we can do some really awesome things during the sieges. You'll be able to knock men off of walls and other structures and utterly destroy the city you're attacking. We have a fully implemented physics system, so when men are hit with catapult fire, they pirouette into the air, their arms and legs flailing as they plunge to their deaths.

Sure sounds exciting! Don't waste time and go check out the interview!

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