News Archive: December 2003

48 Hour Madness!

XXXDKXXX has reported this excellent find: You can now buy Empires: Dawn of the Modern World for $19.90! You only have 48 hours (14 hours and 9 minutes as of this post) however. So get to GoGamer.com now and take advantage of this great deal. Remember, time is running out!

And as promised, the United States Building Tables are now complete. Be sure to check those out!

USA Tables

The United States Unit Tables are finally up. It has been a while since the last update, I've been a bit busy. The Buildings Tables should be finished early tomorrow morning. The next update will include Russia and some minor changes to the table format. Germany should be ready shortly after the near year.

Happy New Years everyone =).

Poll Roundup

The results to the poll question Do you play on Gamespy or direct IP? were pretty much expected; Gamespy getting the majority of the votes, but it was interesting to see that 21% of the voters use neither IP nor Gamespy. Perhaps their only means of multiplayer is through a LAN, or they don't play multiplayer at all? Interesting thing to think about.

[52%] Gamespy
[14%] IP
[21%] Neither
[13%] Both

Total: 165 votes
With the release of the patch approaching, people are speculating as to whether it will fix all of the major problems with the Empires. Do you think the patch will fix all of the major problems to the game? Answer in our poll!

The History of H4x

That is, the History of Hacks for those not familiar with "leet speek". Our own Cherub DoJo_AntiAmi has written a great editorial documenting the history of hacking in games. You can find The History of H4x in the Editorial Section.
"It was called the "Anti-Tilt" device, and there was a motion sensitive part of the machine, and when it sensed heavy movement, the game would be immediately shut down, and "TILT" would appear on the scoreboard, along with a loud siren to alert everyone in the vicinity that this person was a cheater. This is the first example of "Anti-hacking software", represented by such things as "Punkbuster" of today, which keeps those hacking fools off our beloved Counter-Strike servers."

MyGamer.com Reviews Empires

It's not every day that a game gets a review that says something like "this is one of the best RTS, that has come across these eyes." And Empires is just the kind of game to garner such comments; MyGamer.com's review of the game gave it almost perfect scores save for the sound. Now that's pretty darn good, here's a bit from the review:

Final Thoughts- This is one of the best RTS, that has come across these eyes. With great graphics, sound, gameplay, and awesome Replay, you will not get bored of this game. I could recommend Empires to any RTS fan that is looking for a great challenge and fun. With optimized gaming options and resolution settings, it will run smooth on most systems, so good news for a lot of people. Believe me, this has been a great time reviewing this game, it has brought me my share of joy for the day!

Imperial Review

A bit of happenings went on around EH this week, first of which being our newest Cherub's - DoJo_AntiAmi - clan list thread. Like the name indicates, it's a list of all of the clans in the Empires community; something cool to check out if you're interested in clans and all that. We also opened another section to EH: the Editorials Section. The articles there give/will give a perspective on gaming from gamers inside the community, mainly EH staff members. Park was the author of the first article, Death of RTS Games? Check it out!

Equally interesting, learned that the patch v1.01 should be out after January 1st due to some bugs in the patch, "hopefully not too long after." Sounds like a good deal, especially considering the huge changes the patch is making in the game.

What's coming next week? Perhaps the patch, it matters how quickly the bugs get fixed. Either way, I'm sure it won't be that long of a time to wait for it.

That's it for this week, see you 'round the empire!

Editorials Section Open

Empires Heaven is proud to provide a friendly community for all Empires fans and to offer guide and information. While strategies, unit charts, and map making articles may interest many of our fans, there are still others who simply like to have a good time here. Therefore, I'm happy to announce that the EH Editorials are now open. This section is dedicated to providing an inner perspective of the gaming and Empires community. The first article is entitled Death of RTS Games?. We will be providing more articles as inspiration comes.

Clan Listing

Our newest staff member DoJo_AntiAmi has started a thread in the Community Forum in an attempt to list the many clans that play Empires: Dawn of the Modern World. So if you are a part of a clan, be sure to drop by the Clan Listing Thread.

And speaking of clans, the starComa clan is hosting a 2v2 Tournament this Sunday (tomorrow). All participants may earn the right to have a personal folder at starComa's large replay database. You can find all the information in this thread posted by sCa_Disciple. You can also find information at the starComa clan website.

Forum Party Tomorrow! December 27

Two days after Christmas we're having a Forum Party? Yeup! Many of you are probably with family right now, but those who can make it are surely welcomed. It is at the usual time (11AM EST and 7PM EST ) and place (Tournament Room) and you can read more about it in the Forum Party Thread. I'm looking to possibly play some multiplayer scenarios. Be sure to head over to our Downloads Section and get great scenarios such as D-Day Massacre, North Vs. South, and Europe Multiplayer 2.0.

Gamers Pulse Review

It seems a bit late for a review, after so many days have past since the release. Nevertheless, Gamers Pulse recently posted their review of Empires: Dawn of the Modern World. For once, a review actually tested out the Scenario Editor, a truly unexpected move:
"Finally, when you’ve exhausted the game’s prepackaged content, you can create your own games with the robust scenario editor. You’ll have access to every item available in the main game, as well as the ability to terraform your own land if you wish. By creating several scenarios, you can actually construct a small campaign for play. The editor itself is intuitive, but with great power comes great responsibility. Please, for our sake, spend some time with your maps and ensure that they are of quality before releasing them. You can help to make the world a better place."
Gamers Pulse gave Empires an overall score of 30 out of 50. This brings Empires' average rating a 82.3%. Find this review over at Gamers Pulse. Average rating courtesy GameRankings.com

Poll Roundup

Are you in a clan? was last week's poll question, and although the majority of voters aren't in a clan, there is a fairly large percentage that are: 26%. That is a pretty high percentage, and I'm sure the number rises every week as the community gets bigger and people get to know each other better.

[26%] Yes
[58%] No
[15%] What's a clan?

Total: 189 votes
Do you play on Gamespy or direct IP? This week's poll question asks about the medium on which you play Empires online. Which one do you use? Answer in our poll!

SSSI News Years Resolution: Patch?

It seems there is now a semi-finalized date for the release of the 1.01 patch. Today VG_Ranger posted at MFO, updating us on the progress of the patch:
"David Boghdan from SSSI just sent out a community email (which I accidentally deleted but essentially said the following):

They found a few hidden bugs in the patch that they would rather fix now than have to worry about in the future, so the patch will be delayed until after Jan 1 (hopefully not too long after)."
I think I speak for all when saying that having a bug-free and balanced game is first priority. So while its not great news that the patch is coming late, it will be great news when the patch arrives bug-free. Thanks Stainless Steel. We can wait a few days right? You will probably be too busy messing with all the stuff you get to even notice the time ;)

And on behalf of the Empires Heaven staff, we'd like to wish all of you Happy Holidays.

Imperial Review

Whooo boy, last week was quite the week of news! What was on everyone's mind had to be the list of the changes that patch v1.01 will make on Empires; it seems like the dudes over at Stainless Steel really listened to the community and fixed just about everything they were wanting changed, thanks guys! Speaking of cool guys at SSSI, this week I posted the interview I had with Rick Goodman on my trip to the studios. The interview covers just about anything (read: a lot of things) you'd want to know on the founding of SSSI, the future for the company and the industry, making Empires, etc, etc. I don't think a couple sentences could do the 6-page interview justice, so check it out for yourself!

An article in Computer Gaming World that seemed to insult SSSI has had the forum in a stir recently, but Gordon Farrell cleared things up on the issue. It turns out the article was actually "I-can-say-anything damn-thing-I-want-and-you'll-come-begging-for-more" comedy; when you see it like that, it actually is pretty darn funny.

Our Scenario Design Library has been really active, with four new articles being posted since the section was opened. You should definitely check out its database of information and articles; worth it for any scenario designer!

What's coming next week? Well, I'm hoping for some more community news, plus some more stuff from EH itself. Seems to be the trend, but it's working out pretty well thus far!

That's it for this week, see you 'round the empire!

All-in-One Barracks?

Scenario Editor guru _o0XxX0o_ has discovered a way to have Barracks that can create every unit, from every civilization. Its quite an interesting find, especially for those who are creating Blood scenarios. Heres what he had to say:
"Civilizations can be chosen after the game is started (simulated).

The minimum requirement is to have a military building that belongs to a particular civ to train units from that building. With triggers it can be done (ie. replace French Barracks with Russian Barracks to produce Cossacks and such).

I don't know the full scope of this trick yet, as I have only tested it in WW2 age, but the trick is say if player x is French and a WW2 Russian infantry unit is placed on the map (in the editor, not the game), then if a Russian Barracks were to exists anytime on the map afterwards, it would be able to train a Russian unit for a French civ player..."
You can find the full thread in the Scenario Design Forum.

Forum Party Tomorrow! December 20

Every week we have a Forum Party, this week is no different. Tomorrow we are holding another Forum Party. It is at the usual time and place: 11AM EST and 7PM EST in the Tournament Room. Maybe this week we can have some games on a Huge island map. With a huge body of water, there surely be a few great battles. Check the Forum Party Thread for the complete information and all the rants.

Editing Unit Confirmation Sounds in Empires

Gordon Farrell posted a thread the other day asking if anyone knew a way to edit the unit confirmation sounds in Empires, or just do away with them alltogether. Well, after much thinking and experimenting, AzN figured out how to do it:

  1. Extract the data.ssa into any folder
  2. Find the appriopiate .sdf file in the Sounds directory (this may take some hunting if the name is not obvious, such as the Assassin). In the case of Gordon, he can probably just ask the DB guy at SSSI
  3. Open it in hex and find the filename of the target WAV file
  4. Make a blank WAV file (an actual WAV file that can be played but will be silent). If you want to create custom sounds, then make whatever you want into a WAV. Rename this WAV file to the target filename (the name in the .sdf file).
  5. Put the WAV file into [Empires Directory]\Data\Sounds\High. Optionally, you may also put the file in Sounds\Low to cater to those with the Low audio setting enabled
This is a great bit of information for anyone that's wanting to change the unit confirmation sounds in Empires; a great piece of innovation. I think I'll change the every unit confirmation sound to play Tchaikovsky's entire Symphony #5; talk about overlapping clips ;)

Finalized and Complete Changes of Patch

Today, VG_Ranger posted the finalized and complete list of changes for the new and upcoming patch 1.01. In addition to the previous list of balance changes, Empires will now sport a slew of new multiplayer features and a brand new map! Stainless Steel obviously worked very hard on this patch and they are clearly not letting the community down. Here are some changes:
2. Casual Game Ratings
Non-Automatch games now contribute to a casual game rating. These include games played against computer players (over GameSpy®), free-for-alls, and team games, and a score of 1000 is the base rating. This is a separate rating than for Automatch games, but the calculation is similar. The highest of a player’s two ratings is displayed in the chat lobby next to the player’s name, color-coded (green = Automatch rating, yellow = casual rating). Also, you can right click on a name in the names list to see that player’s Casual and Automatch rating.

5. Automatch Updated to Include 2 vs. 2 (Team) Option
Under Automatch Preferences, you now have a choice for Players Preference. Choose either 1 vs. 1 or the new option, 2 vs. 2. Players are matched together just as in a 1 on 1 Automatch game, but two teams of two players each are formed.

7. Chat Options in Game Lobby
When you join or host a game over GameSpy, while in the game lobby you can now continue to chat with players in the GameSpy Channel you are in. Tabs above the chat history allow you to toggle between chat in the game (Lobby) or in the Channel. You also have access to the list of players in the Channel and your Buddy list if you choose the Channel tab (note that this removes some controls to make space for the lists). The lists function the same as they do in the Channel.

Additional New Features
- The number of players in each Channel is now displayed.
- Players in a GameSpy Channel can now see games that are currently running (grayed out, at the bottom of the games list).
- Players in a GameSpy Channel can now see players who are currently in games (grayed out, at the bottom of the players list).
- Message of the Day added to Pending Messages. Message of the Day includes current number of people and games.
- Rolling over player lists shows what icons mean.
You can find the entire list of changes and additions over at MFO. Thanks to VG_Ranger for posting and thanks Stainless Steel for delivering!

Interview with Rick Goodman!

During my visit to Stainless Steel Studios, I got the chance to have quite the interview with Rick Goodman, the legendary cofounder of ES and current head of SSSI who quite simply needs no introduction; if you don't know who he is, you're surely square! During the 6-page long interview, I asked him a number of questions on varied subjects, from the founding of SSSI to the future for the company. Read on as I tried to probe the mind of one of the biggest names in the RTS genre. Apologies in the delay in posting this interview, there were some communication troubles in getting the interview ready for posting; it's all good now, should get the next ones out pretty soon :)

PCGamer Review Scans

It seems my PCGamer subscription has not expired just yet! Today I received the January 2004 issue of PCGamer which, mentioned earlier, had the Empires: Dawn of the Modern World review. The scan is now in our Screenshot Gallery and you can find it here. PCGamer liked the game overall and heavily reccomended the multiplayer. Empires received a final score of 80%.

Changes in the upcoming Patch

Today VG_Ranger posted the official changes in the upcoming 1.01 patch. Most notable is the reset of the ladder back to 1000. Here is the much awaited balancing of Korea:
- Martial Arts cool down length increased from 15 to 30 seconds.
- Increased cost of Koryo Hwarang from (100f ,125g) to (125f, 150g).
- The Rocket Cavalry’s Caltrops, once dropped on the map, rot away after 180 game seconds. (They no longer persist forever.)
- Increased speed of Koryo Battleship by 2.
- Increased Koryo Battleship hit points to 4500.
- Increased Koryo Battleship attack to 140.
- Reduced cost of Koryo Battleship to (220w, 280g).
- Reduced training time of Koryo Battleship to 72 seconds
You can find the complete list of changes at MFO. The patch is due out this December.

Review at Game Power Au

Game Power Australia posted a decently long review of Empires on their site just recently, giving it an 8.5 out of 10. Here's an excerpt:

"Empires isn't going to rewrite the genre, nor is it as ambitious as a game like Rise of Nations, but it is refreshingly original. The idea behind the game is similar to the ages system from Age of Empires, which saw you researching upgrades to improve the technical advancement and proficiency of your armies, but Dawn of the Modern World takes things a step further..."

Poll Roundup

The US Ranger came out with the most votes in last week's poll that asked Which is your favorite "Commando"-type unit? Not too far behind was the versatile UK SAS Operative, and the homicidal Russian Commissar was behind both of them. Here's the full poll results:

[39%] US Ranger
[8%] UK Commando
[21%] UK SAS Operative
[12%] German Sergeant
[19%] Russian Commissar

Total: 222 votes
The Empires community has been rather active in the months following its release, and there have surely been formations of clans. Are you in a clan? Answer in our poll!

The mystery CGW's "insult" explained!

A paragraph from arecent article from the latest issue of CGW has caused quite the stir in the forums recently. Many people took it as a blatant "ripping" of SSSI and the Empires franchise. However, my buddy Gordon Farrell made sure to set things straight with the article; it turns out it is actually "angry, rant-style humor."

The entire paragraph is one hilarious feature for SSSI...quite a bit different from how many people initially took it; and a heck of a lot funnier! Be sure to check out Gordon's full reply in the thread, and hopefully get a laugh out of the paragraph! I dunno about you, but I think that a giant three-eyed topless showgirl with a flaming monkey on a leash shooting laser beams from its eyeballs on the Empires box would be just about the best business decision SSSI could've ever made ;)

"Hmmm... my reaction to the CGW article was TOTALLY different than anyone else's. The back page of CGW, and that of its scrappier competition, Computer Games, is reserved for wildly irreverent, industry-related humor...

CGW calls their back page "Scorched Earth." It is currently under the stewardship of Executive Editor Robert Coffey. Coffey's humor is the off-the-seismic-scale, in-your-face, I-can-say-anything damn-thing-I-want-and-you'll-come-begging-for-more variety...

I loved it. It was funny, caustic, right on target, and expressed with pitch-perfect misanthropy!...This is one of those occasions when there's no such thing as bad publicity. SSSI got a featured position in the article. In a nutshell, Coffey summarized Rick's legacy of creating classic, RTS, empire building games...Other developers (eat your heart out, Brian Reynolds!) are most assuredly wishing they'd been singled out as prominently."

Second iGames Tournament Winner: Richard Bohn!

XXXDKXXX reports in the forums that the second iGames tournament has just ended with Richard Bohn most likely coming out on top in the nation. Just check out the brackets to see how progress went on the tournament from the start.

Congratulations whoever ended up on top, great job!

New Design Articles

Need scenario editor help? The Scenario Design Library has recieved four articles since it opened, three being related to Map Design and one related to The Basics section.

SCN Punk Editor GuideThe article sent to the Basics section is SCN Punk's Scenario Editor Guide, a lengthy guide that describes every part of the editor and goes into detail on all of the different sections. This guide also includes many pictures to help you out. If you're new to the editor, this is a must-read.

SCN Punk has also submitted two very useful Map Design articles - Creating Forests and Elevation Files. Creating Forests gives you tips on how to make a realistic and good-looking forest for your scenario, while Elevation Files tells you about a unique feature of the Empires map editor which allows you to take typographical information and place it into a scenario, which helps if you want to make a geographical map. The third article submitted by Byzantine_Warrior is called Elevation, which tells you about a quicker way of placing elevation for your map.

To submit your own design articles to the Scenario Design Library, send an e-mail to me, Angel Aro, with your article in an attached text document.

Imperial Review

Empires Heaven added two new articles to its database this week; the first of which was an awesome guide/analysis of the German Mortar Infantry's toxic cloud ability by Mokon. It includes not only specifics to the cloud, but also a brief explanation on one way to best use the ability. The next article added was by our own Angel AzN: How to play Highlands. The master of highlands himself explains the features of the map and just how to play it. Check out both articles, they're sure to help your game!

Interestingly enough, several sites started voting on their Game of the Year awards this week. Gamespy, Shacknews, and Actiontrip all started up voting for that; be sure to vote for Empires in all of the sites and give it the game of the year title at all of them!

What's coming next week? Definitely more stuff coming from EH in terms of content and articles, surely more community news as well.

That's it for this week, see ya round the empire!

Forum Party Tomorrow!

It's that time again! Every weekend we have a forum party which forumers and staff get together to play a few games of Empires. Tomorrow we are holding another forum party. It is at the usual time of 11AM EST and 7PM EST in the Tournament Room. For those who are new or forgot the information, visit the Forum Party Thread.

ActionTrip's Game of the Year Voting

ActionTrip has also started their polling for Game of the Year; be sure to vote for Empires on the poll to the right-hand side of the site!

How to play Highlands

Highlands is one of the most random of maps available in Empires: Dawn of the Modern World. You can be surrounded by thick forests or have no forest at all. The randomly generated hills make vast tracts of land unbuildable and impassable. To help you master this jungle of a map, I've written a guide explaining the features of the map and what you should/should not do:
  • The forests on Highlands are much thicker than Plains. They have a tendency to split armies which are not managed correctly. This makes scouting more difficult but walling much easier.
  • The high hills give a considerable bonus to ranged units when attacking units of a lower elevation. It will be nearly useless trying to force an opponent off a hill without overwhelming force. If fighting occurs near hills, make sure to take the high ground.
  • Even on small maps, gold is abundant. With at least fifteen mines total, gold is in no short supply. Gold will often be placed very close to each other, so don't venture off too far looking for gold because it may be very close.
You can find more tips and strategies in the How to play Highlands guide.

Vote for Empires at Shacknews.com!

Another site - Shacknews.com - is holding game of the year awards, and their voting for the games is going on right now. Empires is a nominee under the Strategy category, so be sure to vote for it to win!

PCGamer Review!

The latest issue of PCGamer Magazine (January 2004) has reviews Empires: Dawn of the Modern World. Receiving a excellent score of 80%, their main gripes were with unit formations, pathing, the voice acting, and the long cut scenes in the scenarios. Here's a snippet of the review:
""Jaded real-time strategy fans will probably see the premise of Empires: Dawn of the Modern World and think "Isn't this just more of the same?" They'll be dead wrong. Despite cramming nine civilizations and an entire millenium into one game, Empires is really less of the same. By tossing out (or giving a cursory nod to) complexities like economics, social affairs, and internal relations, Empires cuts straight to the amassing of forces capable of pummeling into submission any nation that has the nerve to call itself sovereign.

You'll discover this streamlined approach in the three single-player campaigns, which limit your population and the technology you can research. As Richard the Lionheart, you battle the treacherous King Philip of France as he seeks to gain sway over the English monarchy. In 16th Century Korea, you repel a horde of invaders with brilliant defensive maneuvers inspired by the renowned Korean admiral Yi Sun-shin. And you also get to pick up General Patton's Colt .45 and spearhead the North African invasion, and experience the breakout of Allied forces in Normandy...

What you get is a straight-up, fast-paced wargame that lets Joe Six-Pack realize his dreams of epic conquest, without any need to consult a manual."
Much thanks goes to Gordon Farrell of SSSI for informing us. Be sure to check it out!

Vote for Empires in Gamespy's Gamer's Choice Awards!

Gamespy's annual Gamer's Choice Awards have begun voting for this year, and Empires is among others under the nomination of Best Strategy Game. In addition, it is under the nomination of Best PC Game Overall. Be sure to vote for it! If you do vote for Empires, I'll give ya a cookie! ;)

The Armchair Empire Reviews Empires

The Armchair Empire wrote up a review of Empires; they liked it quite a bit and gave the game an 8.5 out of 10. Here's a snip:

"...But Empire Builder games can be truly epic. Resources are plentiful, maps are huge, and battles are insane – when they happen. None of my games have ever lasted this long, but I’ve heard some games lasting upwards of six hours. Fortunately, epic face-offs can be saved and picked up again when all the players are online.

Empires: Dawn of the Modern World is an undeniable solid gaming experience that should be in the library of hardcore strategy fans. Any failings are mostly made up for in Empire’s shear depth."

Toxic Cloud Guide by Mokon

Throughout World War 1 and World War 2, the Germans were very well-known to use powerful chemical warfare against their enemies. That power is very well-represented in the game, in particular through the Toxic Cloud ability of Mortar Infantry. Mokon has written a guide/analysis to the special ability, which includes some stats on the cloud and ways to use it effectively. Check it out! I think someone made a toxic cloud in this room...*glares at AzN* ;)

Since I've start playing empires I have been drawn to the Germans. One of my favorite units is the mortar infantry. This unit, with its toxic gas ability, has great potential on the battlefield. Lets look at Toxic Cloud's statistics:

  • Seventy-five power required to fire
  • -75 HP every two seconds on any unit.
  • Gas lasts 25 seconds

Poll Roundup

Most of the answers in the poll question What game type do you prefer? were multiplayer random maps, which seem to be right for an online community such as this. People love to interact with others, and multiplayer random maps are the best and easiest way to do so.

[26%] Singleplayer campaign
[25%] Singplayer skirmish
[37%] Multiplayer random map
[12%] Multiplayer scenario

Total: 181 votes
In World War 2, there are a number of special-purpose units with powerful unique powers; the commando-type units. Which is your favorite "Commando"-type unit? The US Ranger? Russian Commissar? Answer in our poll!

And a Cherub gets his wings...

The latest addition to Heaven is DoJo_AntiAmi, who will serve as a content Cherub in various areas of Empires Heaven; in particular its developing strategy section. DoJo has been a very active contributer of the community and has proven himself to be a skilled writer and player, I'm sure he'll be a great addition to the team!

Congrats, dude!

Imperial Review

Lots of stuff have been going on at EH recently, the first of which was the wrap-up on the awesome forum party that was last week's. 3 recorded games with one long warstory of the best one; you'd be cheating yourself out of some fun reading and game-viewing if you didn't take a look at the wrap-up! On top of the wrap-up, EH also features a complete compilation of all of the known reviews for Empires in our Review Section; complete with the link, its publication date, and a featured quote from each review. Take a look at both the wrap-up and review section!

our forums have also been as active as ever, with lots of scenario design talk going on in Scenario Design Discussions. _o0XxX0o_ found out a number of things to do with the scenario editor, including making ships and other objects "fly" - be suspended in midair. The eyecandy thread is bursting at the seams with awesome-looking screenshots; almost 100 total.

What's coming next week? Definitely more news of happenings around EH, plus surely some community news. I'll keep you guys updated in any case!

That's it for this week, see you 'round the empire!

Forum Party Tomorrow!

For those who are not otherwise occupied this Saturday (December 6th), be sure to join us at our Forum Party! It is held at the usual time this week, which is 11AM EST and 7PM EST in the Tournament Room.

This week we hope to gather a few good screenshots of the action for posting in our Screenshot Gallery. I regret not capturing those wonderful moments of me winning in our last Forum Party, which lasted basically all of Saturday. However, it was still great fun and the show-out was great. Visit the Forum Party Thread for the complete information and various rants. Tell your family and friends! ;)

Review Section Completed!

The review section is completed. It currently contains all known reviews for Empires: Dawn of the Modern World, making it one of the most comprehensive listings anywhere! So for those who are still "straddling the fence" on whether to buy Empires or not, be sure to check out the many reviews listed in our Reviews section! Also, if there are any reviews missing from the page, be sure to tell us.

Review at LoadedInc

LoadedInc.com wrote up a review of Empires. It seems as though they liked the game quite a bit, giving it a 9 out of 10. Here's a snipplet:

"I really enjoyed Empires: Dawn of the Modern World, and was taken a little by surprise, as it didn't appear, on the surface to offer all that much to excite me. It wasn't until playing the game that I saw just how well it integrated all of the ideas, and just how much fun it was to play around with the all the possibilities that were offered. Empires is a very professional product, with one of the best graphics engines in RTS, high quality sound effects, and plenty of little touches, like hoof prints in the bloodied mud..."

Scen Design Resource Compilation

The Adder has started a thread compiling all of the scenario design resources you could use for Empires; from EH's Scenario Design Library to DGDN's articles. Check out the list! With all of this interest in scenario design, I can't wait until some of the bigger projects are finished :D

Eye Candy Galore!

Built A7V Tough's Latest SubmissionOur Eye Candy thread in the Scenario Design forum has been getting loaded with tons of screens by the talented designs of this community. There are nearly one hundred shots and more are being submitted everyday. Be sure to check them out!

Everyone is welcome to participate. So if you want to show off some of your masterpieces, be sure to post them in the thread. If you need some webspace, contact me and I might be able to help.

Need some help with the scenario editor and triggers?

Well, Conquer_RON has offered to answer anyone's questions on triggers and the scenario editor via messenger (rbk_2003@hotmail.com); anyone that's got a couple questions could always go to Conquer for a bit of help! No idea what to put here, so I'll just say this: "Arr!" ;-)

Flying Ships and Invisible Planes!

Resident forumer _o0XxX0o_ has made some rather impressive finds with the Scenario Editor. One of the finds included making ships and various other objects to be suspended in midair! You can find how to do it and a screenshot his thread.

His other find is also pretty impressive. It seems it is possible to make a unit completely invisible, not just "stealthy". While you see the foundations, everyone else sees nothing. Find his thread and screenshot in our forums. I must say, thats some great work and ingenuity!

PC Gameworld Review

PC Gameworld recently did a review of Empires: Dawn of the Modern World. Overall, the reviewer like the game and had little to fuss about, giving it a total of 85% out of 100:
"In my opinion, you should atleast download the demo to see this little option, it is very pretty to behold. While the game in general is very good looking even at some of the lower settings, it is the water reflections and the perfection with which I percieve it to be done that just makes my day when I play."
Find the review over at PC Gameworld.

Empires Review at Worthplaying

Worthplaying put up a review of Empires on their website just today, giving it an 8 out of 10. Here's a snip:

"If you're new to real time strategy, this game could be very frustrating with no tutorial and a load of upgrade potential as you progress through the ages. If you're a veteran on the other hand, there isn't too much new here to really keep you engaged for long...There is nothing that makes the game a bad choice either. I am assuming that a lot of people will have fun with this game and enjoy many hours of play over the net."

Poll Roundup

After seeing the results of What kind of contest would you like to see at EH? it seems as though many people want a tournament to go on at Empires Heaven, with a scenario design contest second in the poll. Well, we'll work to accomodate the community's wishes; meaning you'll probably see one or the other in the near future, provided we're able to get enough stuff to give out for prizes for the contests.

[45%] Tournament
[9%] Fan Art
[15%] Toon
[12%] Story
[19%] Scen Design
[1%] Other

Total: 138 votes
This week's poll question asks What game type do you prefer? Multiplayer random maps? Singleplayer campaigns? Answer in our poll!

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