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Best of an Era - Part 5: Fortress Courland

The next campaign in our look back at Woad Creations’s best submitted projects is our very own Angel Talon Karrde’s campaign: Fortress Courland.

Fortress Courland is an intense campaign that combines innovative ideas with smart gameplay. The scenario chronicles Lieutenant Berzin’s Fire Brigade as they attempted to delay the Soviet advance into Courland. Fortress Courland’s best feature is its series of gameplay options. The options often come in a different order, giving the campaign a high degree of replayability. Here is a short excerpt about the campaign:
Follow Leutnant Berzinš and his squad during the course of the first major Soviet offensive against Courland. Assigned to the area around Džukste, they will end up being the fire brigade squad of the area and may end up saving the entire area as they rush headlong into increasingly difficult situations where they must be ready to give all to save this entire area of the front.
Here are some comments about this campaign:
Intrepid: Being given command of a small incision strike force during a major battle is an interesting concept that works well in this scenario.

ViP3R: Overall this was a very fun, enjoyable, and amazing one-scenario-campaign. I played it over about 5 times, because I enjoyed it so much.

Fortress Courland is one of the best campaigns here at Empires Heaven, if you haven’t played it yet, be sure to check it out.

Congratulations _o0XxX0o_

_o0XxX0o_ is the newest staff member here at Empires Heaven. He will be helping out with various scenario design related aspects of this site. You can congratulate him on his promotion in this thread.

Great Eye Candy

Here are some more screenshots shots from our amazing Eye Candy Thread.

Boom - By: mitch1971

The Battle of Niagara - By: Intrepid

Tunnel Entrance - By: Field Marshal BM

If you wish to add your own screenshots to this grand collection simply post your screenshots in this thread. Imageshack provides a free image hosting service if you need a place to upload your pictures to.

...And the Results are in!

Last week we asked: "Which Heaven do you frequent most other than Empires Heaven?"; the overwhelming answer was Age of Empires III Heaven. Here are the final results:
Age of Empires Heaven: 0%
Age of Empires III Heaven: 33%
Age of Kings Heaven: 4%
Age of Mythology Heaven: 0%
BFME2 Heaven: 0%
Empire at War/SWGB Heaven: 11%
Empire Earth Heaven: 20%
Rise and Fall Heaven: 7%
Rise of Nations/Legends Heaven: 7%
Rome Total War Heaven: 11%
Stronghold Heaven: 7%
Other: 2%

This week we would like to know: "What upcoming RTS title are you most looking forward to?"

Report from the Front

Well it was another interesting week here at Empires Heaven, here is a short recap of the events that transpired.

Earlier this week _o0XxX0o_ discovered how to make dead units walk on the spot until they sink into the ground. You can check out how he did it here.

Also, one of our premiere designers, Midgard Eagle, made a post today showing some of the unique things that one can do with the text formatting system in Empires. The system is fairly versatile and can be used in all sorts of interesting ways. Take a look.

In other news, IGN posted an interesting article on their site this week about all the RTS games that are being released this year. Suffice if to say, it looks like a lot of quality RTS games are coming out this year.

This week I have another book to recommend. This week’s book is titled Ecological Imperialism, by Alfred Cosby. Alfred Crosby’s thesis is that Europeans’ displacement of native peoples in the Neo-Europes were more a matter of biology then military conquest. In biology, Crosby does not just limit himself to talking about diseases, he also discusses the other important biota that led to European success. Ecological Imperialism’s clear and concise nature makes it accessible by all; so if you have the time, go read it.

The Best of an Era - Part 4: Pawns of the Empire

The next scenario in our in-depth look at the stupendous creations of the now defunct Woad Creations is Kor’s stunning campaign: Pawns of the Empire.

Pawns of the Empire is not only one of the best campaigns here at Empires Heaven, it is arguably one of the best campaigns at Heavengames. The campaign features a gameplay style that redefines innovation. Simply put, there is not campaign like Pawns of the Empire, anywhere. Pawns of the Empire allows you to take control of Napoleonic France and fight towards Napoleon’s desire to reign over all of Europe. The campaign features an interesting new combat system that allows you to control armies as if they were a single unit. The campaign also features a diplomatic system that allows you to vassalize or out right annex your enemies as you attempt to forge the greatest empire Europe has ever seen. Here is a short excerpt about the scenario:
1805; Napoleon Bonaparte has declared himself Emperor and created the Marshalate, to honour his most trusted and talented soldiers. Meanwhile, the European countries unite to get rid of him, and form the Third Coalition.

It is up to you, and your Marshals, to steer away from diplomatic and military disaster and forge an Empire in Europe that will last. Take on the major European powers of the time (8 powers represented) as Napoleon, and dominate Europe through military might and diplomatic cunning. Make political decisions that can mean the difference between alliance and open war, and lead your forces in battle against enemies you can only hope to beat...
Here are what the fans have had to say about this unique campaign:
Hank: A superb scenario that really alters the rules and gameplay of Empires into a new experience. I would love to see more scenarios like this, but due to the high trigger and design skills required for these kinds of scenarios this will likely be the last one we'll see for awhile. It may not appeal to hardcore RTS'ers, as it takes away their ability to win through unit micromanagement, but in my opinion that's what I enjoy the most about it. :)

Angel Park: Overall, it was a very creative and new type of map, reminds me of Hank's EE Civil War scenario along with Tesseract's Spanish Civil War scenarios combined.
If you have not experienced this amazing campaign yet, download it now and prepare to be astounded.

...And the Results are in!

Last week we asked the question "What is your favourite type of campaign/scenario?", the answers we received were quite diversified, but in the end the Build and Destroy genre rose to the top. Here are the final results:
Build and Destroy: 29%
Fixed Force: 21%
RPG: 23%
RPS: 2%
Puzzle: 0%
Mix: 0%
Capture and Control: 21%
Other: 4%
This week we would like to know: "Which Heaven do you frequent most other than Empires Heaven?"

Report From the Front

Last week was yet another stellar week for Empires Heaven and Heavengames, here is a quick recap about what has been happening.

On Friday last week two new heavens were introduced to the Heavengames family. Empire at War Heaven and Battle for Middle Earth II Heaven are both excellent additions to our stellar community, if you have the time I urge you to go check them out.
Earlier last week I asked our resident scenario designers what they were working on in this thread. Here is but one of the many replies:
The Crazy Person: I'm working on a multiplayer scenario for WW1-2 in Europe where players can become one of the 7 empires that existed in 1914 (England, France, Germany, Russia, Italy, Austria-Hungary and Turkey) and effectively wage war with each other.
If you are interested in learning what the scenario design community is up to, I would give that thread a look.

This week I have decided to give a short review of Linda Colley’s book, Captives: Britain, Empire and the World, 1600-1850.

Captives seeks to redefine our understanding of British history by undermining and revealing the true nature of the conquests and military triumphs that Britain is often hailed for. While at the same time Captives reveals to the reader a British Empire bridled by inherent weaknesses. Captives is broken down into three sections that correspond to the development of the British Empire. The regions explored in Captives constitute: the Mediterranean, North America and India. This structure also follows the chronological development of the British Empire. In each region Colley highlights and interprets the captive narratives and supports them in a manner so that they support her argument. Colley demonstrates her skill by taking the reader through a variety of captive narratives and successfully leading them through her arguments to shake the foundations of their understanding of British history.
Captives is a stunning book, if you are interested in the history of Britain I urge you to check it out.

The Year of the RTS Game?

2006 is looking to be the year of the Real Time Strategy game. Honestly, I have never seen so many high caliber releases slated for one year. Apparently I am not the only one who has made this assessment. Andrew Park, one of Gamespot’s Senior Editors, and well-known RTS fanatic, recently wrote an article in Gamespot’s Freeplay section about all of the RTS titles that are slatted for this year. The list is staggering.

This year we are expecting to see the release of Battle for Middle Earth II, Star Wars: Empire at War, Rise of Legends, Company of Heroes and Medieval Total War 2. Also coming this year is Midway’s title Rise and Fall: Civilizations at War. Considering the sheer number of stellar looking RTS games coming out this year, Park can be forgiven for missing this innovative title. Here is a short excerpt from Park’s article entitled Real-Time Strategy Watch ’06:

I'm sure you've already heard people complaining, sometimes in these Freeplay columns, about how certain types of games seem to be stagnating and doing the same thing over and over. Yet the future looks bright for real-time-strategy games, because many of the top development studios in the biz are hard at work taking these games in different directions. And surprisingly enough, they all look good.

A thread has been created on our forums here at Empires Heaven to further discuss this topic. Is 2006 the year of the RTS game, or are we simply looking at the release of a large series of rehashes?

Battle for Middle Earth 2 Heaven

Today has been a big day for Heavengames. It is not everyday that two new heavens open. Earlier today Empire at War Heaven debuted, the second site to debut, Battle for Middle Earth 2 Heaven will provide information about the newest Lord of the Rings themed RTS game The Battle for Middle Earth 2. The site is already sporting a great deal of stunning screenshots and pre release information. One Particular innovation that caught my eye is the site’s glossary, which can be used to look up general information about Middle Earth. Very slick.

Empire at War Heaven

Today is a momentous occasion for Heavengames, as yet another site has been added to our already stellar list of game sites. The newest Heavengames site, Empire at War Heaven, will provide information for the up and coming RTS game Star Wars: Empire at War. The site already has a great deal of information about the units and factions in the game. So if you are a Star Wars fan, or even just a fan of RTS games in general I urge you to check out this newest addition to the Heavengames family.

On another note, there are way too many sites here at Heavengames that have the word "empire" in the title.

Are you interested in Rise and Fall: Civilizations at War?
A Little
Not Really

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