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Rick Goodman Talks About Rise and Fall

SSSI's leader designer, Rick Goodman, spoke at the Midway Gamer Day event about the upcoming; Rise and Fall: Civilizations at War. GamesSpot has posted the video from the conference on their website. The speech doesn't provide a lot of new information, but it DOES provide sweet videos, which is awesome! As a designer, I find the 3rd Person Mode very interesting, the possibilities of Multiplayer RPGs with that is great!

"Thanks Joker II for the headsup!"

New 3 Pages Rise and Fall preview at IGN

IGN has posted a nice 3 pages preview of Rise and Fall: Civilizations at War. The preview goes in depth in the game's design, and puts a final word that the game will NOT be like Rome Total War. Overall it's a really interesting read, so don't waste time silly!

Congratulations Daniel Higgins!

I know this is a little off-topic, but SSSI's programmer Daniel Higgins just had his first child, a boy with the name Liam (holy crap, that name is almost as cool as mine :) ). Major Glory (Mr. Higgins' forum username) has been very helpful answering tons of questions about Rise and Fall: Civilization at war, as well as a great forummer. Head over to his announcement and congratulated him! (lucky kid...)

Midway to Publish Rise and Fall, and Rise and Fall Fact Sheet

Gamespot posted today that Midway will publish Rise and Fall: Civilizations at War. Here's piece of the announcements:
"Stainless Steel Studios is known for creating revolutionary, real-time strategy games that appeal to a worldwide audience," said David F. Zucker, president and chief executive officer of Midway. "This relationship and the upcoming launch of Rise & Fall: Civilizations at War will further establish Midway in the premium PC market."

With the announcement, Midway also release a game "Fact-sheet", which can be found here.

SSSI's Daniel Higgins Visits The Forums

SSSI's Major Glory (Daniel Higgins) visited Age of Empires 3 Heaven's community forum, to a topic I made about Rise and Fall and responded to the discussion that had been going on:
Hey everyone!

I'm just a programmer for SSSI, so keep in mind that I don't know how much info I can or can't release, but I think its safe for me to say.. No worries! Our new game IS indeed first and foremost an RTS, not an RPG (as someone seem to be concerned).

Not only is it an RTS, but its from Rick Goodman (Age of Empires), so you know it will have that typical Age of Empires/Empire Earth/Empires feel... We do have a lot (and I mean A LOT) of new and very nifty things in this next game, but they (thankfully) are always wrapped in that normal Goodman game feel that I fell in love with when I first got addicted to Age of Empires.

Major Glory then goes on to talk about Age of Empires and how it inspired him to join Stainless Steel Studios:
Speaking of Age of Empires, funny how life can pivot based on what seems at the time to be a trivial moment. For example, I used to be in business programming (many years ago). At the time, the company I worked for dealt closely with Microsoft, and a co-worked purchased the whole programming team copies of AoE from their Microsoft store(10 bucks a pop, nice!!). As you can probably guess, our whole programming team got addicted to it. hehe! Funny thing is.. It was that game and that gift so many years ago that inspired myself and one of my current co-workers (who worked with me at my last company) to seek out Rick and an RTS game career. I'm certainly glad. I've never been at a place who appreciated my work, encouraged my creativity, and pushed me to produce AAA work like SSSI. Itís why Iíve been here over 6 years, and plan on never leaving. I imagine Ensemble must be a similar place to work, certainly their work shows greatness. I know their games keeps me working hard, trying to meet then raise the bar.

On another post on the same thread, Major Glory tells us how he's a forummer junkie from back in the days, and ends his post with:
This will be a landmark game for Stainless and Midway, so it's hard to keep my big mouth shut.

Wow! a landmark for Midway and SSSI! You can find Major Glory's posts here.

SSSI Comments on Rise and Fall: Civilisations at War

Ranger SSSI from Stainless Steel Studios commented on the announcement of SSSI's newest project:
"Hey guys, I know all of us here at SSSI are really excited about the new game and that its finally nearing the point where info starts getting released to the public. Its going to be a big hit!
Keep your eyes open in the coming weeks for more juicy bits of info and media to be released."

So if I were you, I'd keep watch! :)

First Look at Stainless Steel Studio's New Project!

IGN has previewed SSSI's newest project, Rise & Fall: Civilizations at War. It seems that in the new installment, you no longer have a large timeline to evolve around, instead, Rise & Fall: Civilizations at War will be focused on the Ancient Age. In Rise & Fall: Civilizations at War, battles will be in a very large scale (like Rome Total War) and Naval Battles look very interesting. From the screenshot and preview trailer, the game is looking very good, with great animations and pretty high textures, it will be sure to have people buying new PCs to play it on best settings.

But perhaps what leaves me with even more water in my mouth, is the fact that you'll be able to play as the heroes! I don't mean click them around, I mean control them with your keyboard on third person view! On the trailer, you see 2 examples of that, one has an archer aiming down his/her crosshair and shooting another archer on the head. Another example is a hero stabbing a soldier in the stomach, which makes quite a bloody mess. If I were you, I'd stop reading this newspost right now and I'd go read the preview.

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