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Adding to the Archives

Empires Heaven began full of promise; it featured the second game from the talented bunch of people at SSSi and it attracted the attentions of a goodly number of the best designers Heavengames has ever played host to, designers like Kor/Derfel Cadarn, Andrew/Mechstra, iNtRePiD, Gordon Farrell and Hank. In the early days this promise seemed to be fulfilled, as forum parties occurred every Saturday and, though the design community was a small one, a disproportionally large amount of scenario design projects were made and a good few entered into Empires Heaven’s top rated. Empires was a brilliant game and Empires Heaven was staffed by good people, yet somehow it slowly became less and less active. SSSi stopped supporting the game and people began drifting away. This trend has continued to this very day, as only a couple of die-hards post regularly and even then, generally only in the community forum. Thus, it is time for Empires Heaven to close. Compared to some other Heavens, it had had a short life; yet its life was that of a flare. At its height, it burned brightly and with vigor before slowly becoming dimmer and dimmer, until, now, it is finally being extinguished.

I’d to thank all the previous staff who’ve worked here at Empires Heaven for their contribution, either when I was only a forummer myself or during my own time as a staff member here. These fine people include Seraphs Park and intrepid, Angel CenturionZ_1 and Cherubs AntiAmi and _o0XxX0o_. Also, I must thank the great community that Empires Heaven had, and especially those few die-hards that remain for their fanaticism.

So what happens now? The site will be archived over the weekend, rendering the downloads and forums read-only. You can post your farewell notes here.