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FileFront Staying Afloat

As the title says, FileFront is not going to be terminated. This is great news, as FileFront is the largest download site that requires no registration and has no rate caps. It is often better than even developer's websites for receiving patches and game material. The founders of FileFront announced that the planned termination of FileFront was in no way an April Fool's joke and that neither is it staying up. The full explanation is available here.

FileFront Closing Down

Ziff Davis Media, the owner of FileFront and PC Magazine, recently announced that they will be indefinitely suspending its download/upload service at the end of the month due to the current economic conditions. Earlier this year, Ziff Davis sold its 1UP network, which included GameVideos, MyCheats, and GameTab, but not FileFront, and discontinued its Electronic Gaming Monthly magazine for similar reasons.
FileFront Management said:
"We would like to give a warm thank you to all of you who have been part of the FileFront communities we have built together. Your support has had a meaningful impact for all of us here at FileFront. Again, we want to give you a sincere 'thank you' for your support over the years and wish you all the very best"
For the past decade, FileFront has served as a hub for all sorts of game trailers and other video game content, so if you have any interest in downloading any of its +1.5 million files - or if you've uploaded a scenario or mod and no longer have the original copy - you have until March 30th to do so.

R.I.P. FileFront.

Download section now open

I have now opened up the Download section so new files can be uploaded to it and comments and reviews can be posted. Just like all the other HG sites, however, the files need to be manually accepted so don't worry if your file doesn't show up immediately. It should show up within at the most a day or two. Cheers.

Empires Heaven: Now open for activity

As many of you may know, forummer Rotaretilbo decided to investigate how much activity this site, Empires Heaven, would be likely to receive if it were to be reopened. He then, armed with a list of people saying they wanted it reopened, emailed the Exco asking them about the possibility. This email resulted in Empires Heaven's reopening, so everybody should give a large thank you to Rotaretilbo.

For anybody who may be curious, I am going to be seraph of this heaven and I believe that, at least in the beginning, I will be the only staffer. As soon as some more of the details of the opening get ironed out, I'll inform you all of who exactly is going to be a moderator and who not.

This means that the forums are unarchived (at least, the sections that were open at the time of full forum shut down) and can be posted in. Also, the downloads section is able to recieve uploads and, of course, downloads. Enjoy our Heaven.

Adding to the Archives

Empires Heaven began full of promise; it featured the second game from the talented bunch of people at SSSi and it attracted the attentions of a goodly number of the best designers Heavengames has ever played host to, designers like Kor/Derfel Cadarn, Andrew/Mechstra, iNtRePiD, Gordon Farrell and Hank. In the early days this promise seemed to be fulfilled, as forum parties occurred every Saturday and, though the design community was a small one, a disproportionally large amount of scenario design projects were made and a good few entered into Empires Heaven's top rated. Empires was a brilliant game and Empires Heaven was staffed by good people, yet somehow it slowly became less and less active. SSSi stopped supporting the game and people began drifting away. This trend has continued to this very day, as only a couple of die-hards post regularly and even then, generally only in the community forum. Thus, it is time for Empires Heaven to close. Compared to some other Heavens, it had had a short life; yet its life was that of a flare. At its height, it burned brightly and with vigor before slowly becoming dimmer and dimmer, until, now, it is finally being extinguished.

I'd to thank all the previous staff who've worked here at Empires Heaven for their contribution, either when I was only a forummer myself or during my own time as a staff member here. These fine people include Seraphs Park and intrepid, Angel CenturionZ_1 and Cherubs AntiAmi and _o0XxX0o_. Also, I must thank the great community that Empires Heaven had, and especially those few die-hards that remain for their fanaticism.

So what happens now? The site will be archived over the weekend, rendering the downloads and forums read-only. You can post your farewell notes here.

Exemplary Achievement at the Front: D-Day

Today, I will show off something a little different. This is Scorcher's D-Day v2.05 scenario, which currently has a score of 3.9, though I am confident that this will soon be improved. But regardless, what does Scorcher say of his scenario?

Storm the German beaches as the United States or the Soviet Union. This is a very customizable Scenario. Players are able to choose a Difficulty Level(Easy, Normal, Hard), Game Speed(Slow, Normal, Fast), and Enhanced Graphics optons. Each nation has different and enhanced game play features and there own objectives to be completed. An important objective in this scenario is to capture curtain points which once done you'll be able to recieve additional reinforcements.
United States recieved units quickly by air transport and recieve more when you capure an area.
Soviet Union can field a large army and recieve new recruitments often.
Heres one example of the enhanced gameplay for the Soviet union. Any ground unit within range of a commissar receive a speed bonus but any unit outside range receives a penalty. This make it a strategic units for the soviet union.
This is a very well done scenario and much more then one would expect. Check it out!

Scorcher has worked long and hard on this project, taking heart despite my probably-too-harsh-at-times reviews and working to improve it, and it is showing as the quality of the scenario had steadily risen since it was first released, as you may see in my latest review.

Original: This is a relatively fun scenario. You get to hit and penetrate beyond the beaches of Festung Europa once more. While it is, admittedly, a relatively generic and very overdone scenario, the author attempts to spice it up with features that you wouldn't find in one of the run of the mill a-dime-a-dozen D-Day scenarios, and a map design that is significantly better than the truly generic D-Day scenarios. Overall, except for a few bugs (and poor documentation, mentioned later), it was quite fun.
Revised: The overall improvements to this scenario are somewhat nice, even if not really that significant.
Revised2: The improvements made are telling, especially to the balance, making the flow and play of the scenario better.

D-Day v2.05 is a project well worth checking out, especially as its rougher edges are continually made finer.

Exemplary Achievement at the Front: The Battle for Berlin

Today, I shall show off The Battle for Berlin, a project by Field Marshal BM. It is, in essence, a meatgrinder scenario as the player sends his cannon fodder into the dangerous streets of Berlin during the last days of the Third Reich. The project averaged a 4.6 after four reviews.

"In April, 1945, the Russians were closing in on Berlin. Hitler demanded a fight to the death and designated Berlin a "fortress" to be defended to the last. The city's commandant, Major General Hellmuth Reymann, calculated that it would take at least 200,000 experienced troops to defend the capital, however the only ones available to make up the Volkssturm (or home guard) were mostly old men, women, and children.

Berlin, through the efforts of the Volksstrum, was prepared for the Russian offensive. Barricades were constructed and trenches were dug to trap tanks, however Reymann saw the preparations as futile and said, "I only hope that some miracle happens to change our fortunes, or that the War ends before Berlin comes under siege. Otherwise, God help the Berliners!" Despite fortification efforts, the men and artillary needed to defend the capital never materialized. Meanwhile, 1.3 million soldiers of the Red Army stood poised to descend upon Berlin for what Marshal Georgy K. Zhukov called, their "final hour of vengenance." Every man, on orders from Moscow, had been required to swear an oath on the Soviet flag to fight with special zeal for the motherland, the Communist Party and final victory.

The Russian defeat of Berlin was inevitable for they outnumbered the Germans in men 5:1, guns 15:1, tanks 5:1 and planes 3:1. Yet the battle for Berlin was a unpredictable and bloody; fueled by mutal hate and marked by atrocities. Hitler by this time was talking about armies long since destroyed and had delusions that the British, Americans and Russians would turn against one another. Meanwhile, Stalin believed that whomever raised their flag over Berlin first would be the victor of the war. The Western Allies believed differently and as the Red Army fought for Berlin, they sought to conquer strategic industrial territories for the future division of Germany. The Red Army paid a high price for Stalin's misconception. The casuality rate for the Red Army during the battle for Berlin matched the war-long casuality rate of four Soviet soldiers to one German fatality.

The Soviet battle to capture Berlin finally came on 16 April and was fought building to building and street by street. By 25 April, Berlin had been encircled by the Russians. And on the 30th of April the Russian flag was raised, barely before the deadline decreed by Stalin. The city surrendered on the 2nd of May."

That's nice and all, but what did some of the reviewers think?

First of all; it was a fun scenario, really. You could somehow feel the hell your men are up to. This was achieved by putting music into the scenario (which is, I believe, from Call of Duty). But it could've been a 5. I'll explain why.
The thing that decreased this score, was the fact that the only thing the player had to do was to send his soldiers into battle, let htem be slaughtered by the enemy fire, and charge the next wave of soldiers. It would've been more fun if the player was given command of tanks, or even planes.
Though, this does not take away the amount of fun I had while playing it.
- EEGamer4ever

[Playability]: The scenario was fairly enjoyable, as I said the gameplay was not particularly inspired, but the experience was made mesmerizing by the stellar use of map design and sound effects. For the most part I didnít notice any bugs, but then again, I spent most of my time looking around at the destroyed section of the town. One feature of the scenario that I did find annoying was the cinematic that plays upon the death of the flag carrier. The cinematic is looped, so every time I tried to hit esc to reload from my last save point, the cinematic would start up again, and I would have to wait for it to complete, or move the mouse quickly before I could reload the scenario. Though I only died once, and it was during my second run through the scenario, I found this highly irritating.
- Intrepid

As you can see, The Battle for Berlin is a fine scenario overall. So what are you waiting for? Go download it!

Exemplary Achievement at the Front: Moody's Men

Today I will present what is probably the most painstakingly created scenario for Empires yet: Mitch1971's Moody's Men. Even with my high standards, this project was awarded an incredible 4.7. I really can't say anything more that he doesn't mention in his project description, soo:


The Moody's Men scenario is set in WW2. It follows a day and night in the life of Capt. James T Moody and his small squad of men, as they attempt to infiltrate a german controlled trainyard in search of an engineer. Who survives is up to you, and Moody of course!

Features in the scenario are:

Frag/smoke grenades: using in-game chat system.

Grenading tanks: using in-game chat system.

Remote mines: Easily planted, easily detonated. Needed to clear or destroy certain units.

Recover system: Increase first aid and attack bonus.

Cover system: Use certain objects to protect your men from fire.

4 levels of difficulty: Same missions just more ball breaking battles with a small random/deletion/positioning of units.

Detailed map of a trainyard with train, carriages, train tracks.


TRAINING LEVEL: Collect infomation about the new game mechanics. A fancy
'read me' file, let's say.!
MISSION INTRO CINIMATICS: learn about your mission from this 3 min

TRAINYARD INTRO CINIMATICS: get your bearings from this minute and a
half cinimatics.
TRAINYARD OUTRO CINIMATICS: Survive, do your job and...all I can say is

Music from COD, BIA, etc.

Thanks for downloading 'moody's men'. Enjoy!

(Description pared down slightly)
If that doesn't interest you, here's a snippet of my review:

Playability: 4.6
This is a very fun scenario. You command a group of (depending on the difficulty level you choose) fairly- to insanely-outnumbered American GIs on a rescue/search and destroy mission. Smart, or at least decently adequate, tactics are necessary for survival as the rules of warfare are changed with the advent of both fragmentation and smoke grenades, remote mines and certain units or buildings that cannot be destroyed by mere bullets or even sometimes cascades of grenades. The ability to choose difficulty at the beginning, as well as the option to turn rain on and off only adds to the replay value. Added to all this is the excellent use of sounds, the *ping* of the M1 Garand clip popping will become just as familiar as in Call of Duty. Everything works toward bettering the experience, and to good effect.

If you're still not interested, I do not have words to describe my thoughts. So, what are you waiting for? Gogogo and download now!

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