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These are the people who make Empires Heaven possible. If you have any questions regarding the site or the game, feel free to contact anyone listed below.

Title: Site Director
Email: intrepid at heavengames dot com

    I first visited Heavengames in 1998. At the time I had just purchased “Age of Empires”, the revolutionary “Real Time Strategy” game from rookie developer Ensemble Studios and I was looking for some user made scenarios to play. At the time I only dabbled with the Age of Empires editor briefly. When Age of Empires II finally came out I devoted a little more time to my designs, but I never really constructed anything that I could be proud of. The first scenario that I was truly proud of was a simple multiplayer scenario for Empire Earth called “Europe Under Fire”. Since that time I have completed almost a dozen top rated scenarios for games ranging from Age of Mythology to Empires: Dawn of the Modern World.

    In June of 2005 I joined the staff at Heavengames as an Angel to help with the scenario design community at Rise and Fall Heaven. In the beginning of 2006 I became the Seraph at Empires Heaven in order to save the site from being archived.

Title: Content Contributor
Email: hg.centy at gmail.com

    I first came across HeavenGames after finding as a list of fansites for Age of Empires on the official Microsoft website. That was way back in 2000, after I had just bought Age of Empires Gold Edition. After a few months signed up to the forums and joined the community.

    I was first offered a position as staff in 2002 at Age of Empires Heaven. Due to the release of newer games, the community was slowly withering away and the site was in danger of becoming archived. I was part of the new staff team that stepped in to restore the site. From then on, history tended to repeat itself. In 2004, I became staff at Empire Earth Heaven. The site had already been archived but with the announcement of Empire Earth 2, I was part of the new staff team that stepped in to restore the site. And most recently, in 2006, I joined the staff at Empires Heaven. The site was about to be archived but once again I was part of the new staff team that stepped in to restore the site.

    I am glad to say all three sites are still completely active to this day, and I hope they will be for years to come.

Talon Karrde
Title: Scenario Design Administrator
Email: dragon_rome at hotmail dot com

    I came to HG sometime in 1998, while searching on google for custom campaigns. Once I found AoEH, I never bothered with google again, as it seemed to me at the time that AoEH was the ultimate gaming site (only with downloads, since I didn't even know about the forums). Around 2000 I found out that HG was larger than just AoEH, when I found AoKH. I discovered and registered on the forums there, and actually uploaded scenarios I made. In 2001, I moved on to EEH and in early 2002 to DSH, and late 2002 to AoMH; I never stayed long at any of them. In the second half of 2003 I first visited EH and basically fell in love with the game. Since the time I got the game, I've been designing and then later I began writing articles. In August 2004 I was offered a position as the Scenario Design Library Admin since Adder was being pulled away to other duties at HG, I accepted.

Title: Scenario Design Contributor
Email: o0xxx0o_hg at yahoo dot com

    I originally came to HG while playing the AoE online. HeavenGames was a recommended site on Msn GameZone, and I found HG to be the most active and user-friendly site for RTS games. I have been active in the AoE, AoK, AoK: TC, Empire Earth, and Empires: DotmW community since 1998. Specifically, I design custom multiplayer scenarios. I started designing with AoK: TC; AoK: TC was one of the first editors to allow designers to make use of triggers to augment their scenarios. I especially excelled in EE multiplayer design. I have created over 25 scenarios for that particular games, most of which are still played today. I also excel in advance editor properties of the EE, Empire: Dawn, and hopefully Rise&Fall: CaW, since they all basically have the same editor. I became a staff member for HG in early 2006. I consider myself to be the Empires editor's biggest fan, and of course, biggest critic. I plan to continue exploring the editor's most advanced properties as much as possible.

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