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This article serves as a guide for all reviewers in writing and rating the downloads found at Empires Heaven. It is important for reviewers to understand that reviews must use the same standards outlined in this article for the sake of fair, consistant, and informative reviews. Those three principles more than anything should be seen in reviews.

Reviews are done for three reasons.

1) The reviewer wants to express his opinion about the scenario and/or download. Did the scenario really influence you in your own creations? That new water trick amaze you? If you decide to use your own system of scores ( length of story, # of triggers) then post it as a comment and not a review.

2) Reviews are a way to give valuable feedback to the designers. Where the designer succeeded and where he could use improvement. Reviewers shouldn't be too critizing though, everyone starts out small, and they only do it for fun and to see the response when others play. Offer helpful advice, not glaring grammer problems and not enough cutscenes.

3) Reviews help other players decide on whether or not to play a scenario/ download. A gamer should be able to read a review and get a basic understanding of the scenario story/gameplay and whether it would be fun for him.

To satisfy the above three reasons, it is recommended that reviewers do not continue to simply re-review downloads that already have ratings. All designers should receive feedback from the community, so please spread out your reviews. Also, use proper spelling and grammer. If a review is consistant, fair, and informative then there shouldn't be any problems.


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