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Middle Eastern Towns

Article created by Talon Karrde (Woad Creations)

This article will detail how to create a fine looking Middle Eastern style town, which is a challenge because you only have four buildings with which to work with (the minaret can hardly count as a building in itself). The two most important things you need to know is that rotating is very, very important, and the graphic enlargement effect will be used a lot as well.
  1. Decide where you want your town. For the sake of this article, let us assume you want to make a port town.

  2. First, you want to make a small line of buildings that are on the waterfront. Rotating begins here and won’t end until the town is done.

  3. Behind the waterfront, the real work begins. This is where you have to get creative. Place buildings that have no access to the road, you’ll be enlarging them later.

  4. One type of group of buildings I like is a mosque surrounded by houses. You’ll be enlarging the mosque later.

  5. Another effective method is making a group of buildings in a ring much like you would around a mosque, but leave a space between two buildings, so that there is an entrance to the courtyard you just created. A fountain in there may be nice, and maybe a couple trees too, but don’t pack it. If you think its too small for anything, it probably is. This here is too small for a fountain, so a solitary tree goes in instead.
  6. Another nice method is to make a double row of houses with maybe a larger building in there. Don’t make it too long, though.

  7. See that mosque on the end of that double row of houses? We’ll make it more impressive. We’ll add minarets to it, courtesy of the replace object effect. Add in two impassable tiles, then head on to the triggers.

  8. Since we’re in the triggers, we’ll do the graphic enlargements as well. Remember that other mosque? That’s one object, the two impassable tiles are another. If you have any other buildings you think should be enlarged, like a house or something without access to a road, those can be another one or many separate objects as you wish. Make the effects, make the trigger(s) and add in the effects, then go and test your creation.

  9. Make sure everything looks how you want it to look. You may have to tweak graphic enlargement numbers. Once you’re satisfied with how the buildings look, you can start on populating your town.

  10. In my opinion, the best units to use are white clothed Asian units, such as the Korean Commoner, the Chinese commoner (assuming the player color is white), koryo spearman, etc. Remember all the classic films set in the Middle East? The streets are full of vendors selling this and that. While you can’t bring quite the same amount of detail to your own town, you can add some vendors. A Korean commoner behind a fire cart looks fairly decent. For the actual port, most of the Chinese and Korean warships fit right in.

  11. I have yet to find a way to make a good looking dock for the MidEast building set (such as it is), but when I do, this space will be updated with that information.
Article Update:
I found another block of buildings that seems effective. It is fairly large, mine seem to generally be 6x6 tiles or something similar. First, place a large building, preferably TC, in the middle. Make a ring of one tile buildings around it, and then another around that one. You could also put in a mosque somewhere, if you wish. Then you place elevation. I used elevation 5, placed twice toward the center of the block of buildings, but you may use more if you want. However, the higher the elevation the more rings you will have to put around the center building. Once the elevation is placed, you rotate the buildings however you see fit and you may also want to enlarge some inner buildings as well.

Then test to make sure it is as you want it to be. Examining it from all angles, which a bit of work, is the best way to ensure that it looks good.

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