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Map Size

Article created by Adder (Woad Creations)

Using the right map size in your scenario is a very important thing. If it's too large it'll probably lag your system while you're designing and other people's systems while they're playing. If it's too small you'll realize, when you're about halfway done that the map is too small and that you have to redesign the whole thing. Not something most people would be happy about doing.

The standard map size is 100x100. It's a good size to use on most maps and unless you are designing a really big map you probably won't run out of space. The largest map size is 400x400. I wouldn't recommend using it because it will lag on lower to mid end systems, both while you're designing and playing. Downloading size is also a problem, especially with multiplayer scenarios or people with dial up. A 400x400 blank grass map is 2.29 MB, in comparison the same map is only 231 KB at the standard map size of 100x100. This is why I recommend not using a map size larger than 200x200, which is 658 KB if it's a blank grass map. The smallest map size is 15x15, I really can't see what a map that small could or would be used for, the smallest map I have ever used was 30x30 on a really frenzied four player multiplayer scenario. That map felt very small with just four players.

This should have given you a good idea as to what map size you should use on a map without running out of space or ending up with too many empty areas. Have fun!

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