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These are articles that review Empires: Dawn of the Modern World. The reviews are ordered chronologically with the most recent first.

Stratos Group
March 1st, 2004

"In sum, Empires: Dawn of the Modern World is a good, but not outstanding, RTS. It is a relief to see a game that takes historical progress as more than simply a stage to pass through on your way to tanks and planes. After the cornucopia of choices available in Rise of Nations (18 cultures), the four early and five later cultures of Empires may seem a little small..."

February 26th, 2004

"The Good: Detailed graphics; extensive research/unit trees; good game play (leans more towards combat than economic management); good mix of brute force and stealth units."

The Laser
February 16th, 2004

"While its a decent game for the most part, Empires: Dawn of the Modern World just didn’t have the same spark as with other similar games within the RTS market. While the graphics and overall gameplay were good, the control systems of the game felt muddled and extremely difficult to jump into...If you can actually figure out how to play the game right, Empires: Dawn of the Modern World might be able to provide gamers with a decent RTS experience. If you have the time, get to it…otherwise, save your money for the Rise of Nations expansion pack."

February 11th, 2004

"If you are new to RTS games then run away quickly. However, fans of Age of Empires and Empire Earth will want this title. You have three story-based modes, another 5 eras and 7 civilizations, random map generator, and both single and multiplayer game modes. Enough to keep you busy for hours and hours. The best thing about a sequel is that the developer can look back and see what needed to change."

February 9th, 2004

"Empires: Dawn of the Modern World" is certainly the most mature and well-balanced of Goodman's titles, and it succeeds more often than not. Yes, there's stiff competition in the RTS arena, and "Empires" does little to distinguish itself from the pack at first glance. But if you take the time to delve into the minutiae, you'll find a unique and rewarding experience."

Khabal Gaming
February 4th, 2004

With so much gameplay and so many strategies just waiting to be uncovered, this game will appeal to those who enjoy a traditional RTS with its own special touch. While it bears many similarities to other games in this genre, it has enough of its own uniqueness to set it apart."

Dream Station
February 4th, 2004

With so much gameplay and so many strategies just waiting to be uncovered, this game will appeal to those who enjoy a traditional RTS with its own special touch. While it . . . "

January 14th, 2004

Dawn of the Modern World really stands out with its set of three single player campaigns, which give players a taste of what the different epochs have to offer. The campaigns also feature engrossing storylines, like Richard the Lionheart's ascension to the throne, and allow you to play as these characters. There are also points in the campaigns where players will have to make difficult choices. . . "

GamerArchive Review
January 10th, 2004

"Empires: Dawn of the Modern World has done something that not many titles have done too recently, drawn me into a world and not let me to till the wee small hours. Strategy gamers will love it, the maybe brigade will love it too, and even the strategy naysayers may find this game the one that turns their opinions around..."

daytrum Review
January 7th, 2004

"Among the most compelling games on the market are real-time strategy games. And in this regard, Activision's Empires: Dawn of the Modern World delivers great strategic gaming that's based on great historical civilizations. This one will appeal to die-hard players as well as to those who are just discovering the joys of these titles."

Gaming Nation
January 6th, 2004

"Final Thoughts- This is one of the best RTS, that has come across these eyes. With great graphics, sound, gameplay, and awesome Replay, you will not get bored of this game. I could recommend Empires to any RTS fan that is looking for a great challenge and fun...Believe me, this has been a great time reviewing this game, it has brought me my share of joy for the day!"

The Next Level Review
January 4th, 2004

"While I can't personally recommend Empires over Warcraft III and its expansion for casual RTS fans looking for pure fun, I can say that Empires gives Rise of Nations and Age of Mythology some good historical RTS competition that's been desperately needed. You can tell the game has been lovingly crafted by people that really care about the subject matter..."

December 29th, 2003

Final Thoughts- This is one of the best RTS, that has come across these eyes. With great graphics, sound, gameplay, and awesome Replay, you will not get bored of this game. I could recommend Empires to any RTS fan that is looking for a great challenge and fun. With optimized gaming options and resolution settings, it will run smooth on most systems, so good news for a lot of people. Believe me, this has been a great time reviewing this game, it has brought me my share of joy for the day!

Gamers Pulse Review
December 24th, 2003

"Finally, when you’ve exhausted the game’s prepackaged content, you can create your own games with the robust scenario editor. You’ll have access to every item available in the main game, as well as the ability to terraform your own land if you wish. By creating several scenarios, you can actually construct a small campaign for play. The editor itself is intuitive, but with great power comes great responsibility. Please, for our sake, spend some time with your maps and ensure that they are of quality before releasing them. You can help to make the world a better place."

Game Power Au Review
December 16th, 2003

"Empires isn't going to rewrite the genre, nor is it as ambitious as a game like Rise of Nations, but it is refreshingly original. The idea behind the game is similar to the ages system from Age of Empires, which saw you researching upgrades to improve the technical advancement and proficiency of your armies, but Dawn of the Modern World takes things a step further..."

The Armchair Review
December 10th, 2003

"...But Empire Builder games can be truly epic. Resources are plentiful, maps are huge, and battles are insane – when they happen. None of my games have ever lasted this long, but I’ve heard some games lasting upwards of six hours. Fortunately, epic face-offs can be saved and picked up again when all the players are online.

Empires: Dawn of the Modern World is an undeniable solid gaming experience that should be in the library of hardcore strategy fans. Any failings are mostly made up for in Empire’s shear depth.""

LoadedInc.com Review
December 5th, 2003

"I really enjoyed Empires: Dawn of the Modern World, and was taken a little by surprise, as it didn't appear, on the surface to offer all that much to excite me. It wasn't until playing the game that I saw just how well it integrated all of the ideas, and just how much fun it was to play around with the all the possibilities that were offered. Empires is a very professional product, with one of the best graphics engines in RTS, high quality sound effects, and plenty of little touches, like hoof prints in the bloodied mud..."

PC Gameworld Review
December 1st, 2003

"In my opinion, you should atleast download the demo to see this little option, it is very pretty to behold. While the game in general is very good looking even at some of the lower settings, it is the water reflections and the perfection with which I percieve it to be done that just makes my day when I play."

WorthPlaying Review
December 1st, 2003

"If you're new to real time strategy, this game could be very frustrating with no tutorial and a load of upgrade potential as you progress through the ages. If you're a veteran on the other hand, there isn't too much new here to really keep you engaged for long...There is nothing that makes the game a bad choice either. I am assuming that a lot of people will have fun with this game and enjoy many hours of play over the net."

PC Game World
November 30th, 2003

"In my opinion, you should atleast download the demo to see this little option, it is very pretty to behold. While the game in general is very good looking even at some of the lower settings, it is the water reflections and the perfection with which I percieve it to be done that just makes my day when I play."

Gamer's Hell Review
November 22nd, 2003

"With there being a nearly full time line of epochs (excluding Caveman and Modern+ times), there will be a lot to keep track of – because ALL of the civilizations have different bonuses and advantages/disadvantages that can turn the tide of war. Russia has weak but cheap infantry in WW2, and gets 7 workers for free. Chinese get two free town-centers, and are very versatile in their economic needs. These are just some of many pluses and minuses that you need to keep track of."

FragLand Review
November 22nd, 2003

"For the rest: the graphics are quite good. The 3D engine delivers very beautiful images and when you zoom in, you really get the feeling of being right in the action. You can see the horses and tanks passing you like it’s nothing. In short: nothing but praise about the graphics and also the sound is of the same caliber so also ok."

Game Chronicles Review
November 22nd, 2003

"By splitting the product up, each “segment” of the whole will now have the same level of care and dedication that was given to DOTM, which resulted in a very polished game. This attention will, hopefully, keep from feeling rushed, which Empire Earth often did...After having tasted Empires: Dawn of the Modern World, I can’t wait until I can finish the meal."

GameZilla Review
November 22nd, 2003

"...As it is, this is a technically well-crafted game and some dedicated collecting-oriented fans might like to invest in, but an imitation Chippendale (chair, that is) would still be an imitation. Money that could add more variety to your game collection might be better spent elsewhere."

Gaming Illustrated Review
November 20th, 2003

"EMPIRES: Dawn of the Modern World is a fine piece of work! The scenarios are very detailed, and have more complexity than previous games. However, the game suffers from not breaking new ground; it’s more of an upgrade/add-on to Empire Earth. But it does offer many hours of enjoyable battles, and for my money that makes it an excellent value. If you like RTS – this is another MUST HAVE."

Etoychest Review
November 17th, 2003

"Like most RTS titles, multiplayer is the real bread and butter of this game and the one aspect that many players are likely interested in the most. Playing against other humans obviously allows you to bypass a great deal of the poor AI, and get down to everything Empires does right. You can go at it with up to 7 other players, over a LAN, or on the Internet via either Gamespy, or a direct IP connection."

InTheMix Review
November 14th, 2003

"As each chapter of history unfolds, you find yourself dealing with new technologies and unlocking more complex examples of advanced warfare. In the final campaign (General Patton – i.e. battles of WWII), airplanes and armored vehicles roll into gameplay, as well as flamethrowers, rocket launchers, and atomic weapons. It’s commendable that all these weapons and units get their piece of the action during combat. Once again, the developers appeared to have done a great job on unit balancing, considering how many units there are in the game all together. By the way, this is but a mere sample of a huge choice of units you’ll be able to handle in the game."

GameRaiders Review
November 10th, 2003

"While at first I was disappointed to see only three campaigns offered in Empires, they are long enough and challenging enough that this really is almost like three games in one. The campaigns all offer such different units and strategies that each of the time periods play very differently and offer different types of challenges. This coupled with an awesome multiplayer system and skirmish options allows you to get ultimately unlimited replay value for each of the different ages."

GameZone Review
November 12th, 2003

"The camera viewpoint is a roaming one in default, with a wonderful ability to zoom effortlessly in and out as you move the mouse close to or away from certain objects. This appears very natural, not jerky at all. There are three different viewing angles, but the most efficient one I believe is the default. The extreme close-up view is sort of cool the first couple of times, just to see the details of objects, but is not useful in playing the actual game."

GameSpot Australia Review
November 10th, 2003

"Without trying to reinvent a successful gameplay formula, Empires' ambition lies in featuring nine nations that are as different from one anther as possible without destroying the careful balance necessary for good multiplayer competition. The design puts well-recognized historical action into play and makes believable use of the material, while adding some powerful spell-like effects to keep the action interesting."

GameOver Review
November 7th, 2003

"The depth comes into play when you start researching bonuses that affects your entire civilization or merely individual units. These two will help you get the edge you need to beat your opponents in multiplayer skirmishes. Some of the innovations can have profound effects, increasing range and other vital statistics. In the hands of a skilled veteran, you could use the terrain to create a chokepoint of death to which no amount of rushing could ever overcome."

PGNX Network
November 7th, 2003

"Empires: Dawn of a Modern World is a very solid package. There is a lot of stuff to do in the game. The three campaigns feel distinct enough and will take some time to complete. Going through the ages, with all their distinction is fun and a sense of accomplishment."

3DAvenue Review
November 5th, 2003

"If there is one definite strong point about the gameplay, it is the amount offered. Simply put, you'll be glued to the screen for ages, going through every inbuilt campaign, then taking it online against friends or strangers, and then downloading custom campaigns, and then perhaps making your own. There is so much action in this game, I couldn't believe it only came on 2 CD's, even the master of all RTS gaming could hibernate to this game."

GameSpy Review
November 3rd, 2003

"Both variants (Action and Empire Builder) are a lot of fun, though they will obviously appeal to different types of gamers. Both also seem to be well-balanced, a pretty amazing achievement when you consider the radically different requirements for each playstyle.

Empires sports nine civilizations the player can choose from, and unlike many RTS games where the distinction between sides is no more than skin-deep, each Empires civ offers players a completely different experience. The civs share no art assets and no units in common. Even the way they gather resources is different."

Crazy Games Inc Review
November 2nd, 2003

"This game offers alot to all Real Time Strategy fans and a wide variety of gameplay options. It is quite close to being fully historically accurate in the campaigns, which I've noticed a lot of players pay close attention too. The only real major problem is that you have some balancing issues between civilizations which could be fixed soon, and without that this game is great! Therefore, I offer a perfect rating."

ActionTrip Review
October 29th, 2003

"When they made Dawn of the Modern World, Rick Goodman and his chaps at Stainless Steel appeared to have been gearing it towards addictive multiplayer gaming. Make no mistake, the single-player campaigns are fun, but the multiplayer gives you and your friends more freedom to create the RTS atmosphere of your dreams. Each side gets to use the unique combat skills of their units and hero characters to help them achieve victory. Also, up to seven players are able to play online, but we still need a chance to test that one properly."

Gamers Depot Review
October 29th, 2003

"We enjoyed this title, and found it to be an immersive and good-looking way to lose several hours of sleep, and recommend it to both veterans of the Strategy Title and folks who are looking for something new to try—you’ll definitely get your money’s worth the first time around, and there’s lots to come back to in this title. This one’s a winner, and will give you a recurring fix whenever you feel the battle fever coming on. Now get out there and fight, son. You wanna live forever?"

GameSpot Review
October 27th, 2003

"At first glance, the nations seem amazingly different, each with its unique powers and units. To keep the sides in balance, the resource prices have been tweaked quite a bit. As a result, the Russians might pump out lots of weak conscripts--which can be built amazingly fast once "Steamroller" is researched--to harass the German war machine and preempt getting overwhelmed by a wave of very expensive and very strong King Tiger tanks."

Games Domain Review
October 22th, 2003

"Beyond the aesthetic style and interface is where things start to change. Empires takes a much smaller segment of human history as its basis: from the Medieval Age through to the Imperial Age, and the two World Wars. Looks like the developers have taken the understandable decision of covering fewer time periods, but in more depth. The resource model has been scaled down, losing iron to leave a total of four resource types."

Computer and Video Games Review
October 22th, 2003

"In fairness to SS, though, they really have managed to pull it off. Playing as the Chinese is totally different from playing as the British. Whereas we Brits like to set up little villages and stay in a place we can call our home, the Chinese are more nomadic. Their town centres are wagons that can be loaded up with resources and moved from one part of the map to another. Totally eradicating a Chinese settlement is extremely difficult - they just keep popping up all over the bloody place."

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