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These are articles that preview Empires: Dawn of the Modern World. The previews are ordered chronologically with the most recent first. Often times, what is said may change at a later date. Always check the date of the article you are reading.

Game-Over Preview
October 15, 2003
Game Over's preview strays from the norm a bit discussing more the unique characteristics of the game than actually a normal introducing preview with many referances to past RTS games and Empire Earth. A short and good read that points out where Empires is different from other RTS games.

IGN PC Preview
September 8, 2003
This three page preview introduces the game's basic mechanics on the first page with its unique wonders, civilizations, and ages. It continues on page two and three giving short summaries of each of the ages and of each civilization.

GameSpot Preview
September 7, 2003
This two page preview provides a good starting resource for any interested gamer. It begins talking about the basics of Empires along with more details on the Korean and American civilizations. It also discusses the Empires multiplayer lobby and single player experience.

PC Player Magazine Preview
September 6, 2003
The preview does not contain much new information. Much of it explains what is now well known. Some of the more interesting parts include information about the campaigns, such as the locations and objectives. Overall it is a decent preview, but provides little new information. Translation done by Empires Aeon.

Gamers.com Preview
August 28, 2003
Gamers.com wrote up a fairly short but complimentary preview on Empires, giving the very basic idea of the game and what they thought of it. It says that in order to succeed in Empires, it must be done with a combination army and skillful manipulation of your units. The part about the the transports is incorrect however. The article is pretty short and is a Ok read.

GameSpy Rick Goodman Developer Diary
August 28, 2003
The Empires Diary with Goodman himself covering a solid 3 pages. Rick describes a number of the units and powers found in Empires from Gunpowder to World War II along with just how truly different each civilization is. There's no doubt that each civilization will have noticeable advantages and disadvantages. Every player will find their right civilization that matches their style.

Wirtualna Polska Preview (Polish)
August 26, 2003
Little is known about the contents of this preview, since it is Polish. If you'd like to read it, you'll probably have to use an online translator like Poltran (unless of course, you know Polish). The translator isn't even close to being guaranteed to give a perfect translation... but you should be able to get through the article decently.

sCa^oPPonent's Preview
August 25, 2003
This preview was done by sCa^oPPonent, who got play Empires in the European Strategy Gamers League (ESGL). It's information loaded and a very good read. It mentions many parts of the game that you will not see covered in any other preview. Other bits of information mentioned are the starting resources for the Franks and the costs of citizens for the Chinese. One of the most interesting bits is the part about the Armories. A good preview overall.

PC Zone Magazine Preview Part One; Two; Three; Four; Five
August 24, 2003
This is the magazine version of the Computer and Video Games Preview. It hold much of the same information, however it is nicely decorated with some interesting screenshots. The five page preview is well written and touches on many aspects of Empires that seems to have been ignored by other previews. An absolute must-read.

4Players Preview (German)
August 4, 2003
This preview done by 4Players was done in German. It covers the French genius tactics, the Russian's raw manpower, the 3 single player campaigns, and more. The real gem is their exclusive screenshots!

GameSurf Preview (Italian)
August 4, 2003
This preview done by Gamesurf is actually done in Italian. It comes with nice screenshots along with a good overview of the game.

GameSpy Richard Bishop Developer Diary
August 2, 2003
The Empires Diary with Richard Bishop extends two pages long. Richard Bishop delves into the importance of time and how it affects all aspects of Empires gameplay. He also explains a little how the counter system works. Overall a good read. While not much new information, the diary provides insightful knowledge on the "game plan" for Empires: Dawn of the Modern World.

GameSpy Preview
August 2, 2003
This in-depth preview done by GameSpy covers all the basics in two pages from the civilization balancing to Russia's weapons.

Computer and Video Games Preview
July 24, 2003
In this preview, the author describes his adventures while skirmishing with the one-and-only Rick Goodman. Computer and Video Games hails Empires: Dawn of the Modern World as having one of the best interfaces and describes a bit about it. Finally, there is some mention of the French ability, "Esprit de Corps" and other various units, such as the Harquebusiers. And this is just the first page. The six page preview is well written and touches on many aspects of Empires that seems to have been ignored by other previews. An absolute must-read.

IGN Preview
July 23, 2003
This updated preview done by IGN explains the things that Rick showed recently to IGN, mostly playing as France and Russia. Talks of Russia's use of massive man power and genius of the French.

GameSpot Preview
July 22, 2003
A two page preview covering the basics of Empires along with detailed information on modern day France and Russia in the game. Mentions many of the special units and abilities that both civs will allow players to use such as smoke grenades and bunkers.

Armchair Empire Preview
July 20, 2003
A short comical preview of Empires. The preview covers Empires and the tie-ins to history such as China's early use of gunpowder versus England's diseased siege cows. A good read for new fans looking to see why to get Empires.

COMputer GAMes Preview
July 20, 2003
This preview is a good introduction to Empires covering broad details. It talks of a rumored Japan as well as the diversity of the civs in Empires. For example, the Chinese special 2 man archer and confusing fireworks.

UGO Preview
July 16, 2003
UGO compares Empires with Empire Earth, Age of Empires, and other RTS games. It mentions how truly diverse the civilizations are with each having their complete own unique units not used by the other civilizations (average of 42 for each civ) along with examples of what to expect playing with the Koreans, British, and Americans.

Empire Earth France Preview (French)
July 14, 2003
The preview by Empire Earth France contains loads of new information on France and Russia. It not only confirms the information provided by the GameSurf interview, gets quite in-depth. Such new information include the French being economically powerful, having the ability to self-heal and the ability to evacuate vehicles before they are destroyed. Also, when a Russian unit dies, the owner gets part of the money spent in return. The preview also reviews the possibility of a future expansion in the Holy Grail of Historical Gaming, which also shows the transformation of each civ. Finally, the interview includes two civilization cards, which provide detailed information on the civ's abilities and technologies.

GameSurf Preview (German)
July 2003
The preview by GameSurf is in fact very informative, if you can understand the translation. The first page gives a good run down on some of the units they found interesting. The preview goes on to mention a bit about two of the newest civilizations: Russia and France. The article explains that Russia has manpower but their units "drop like flies" because of lack of training. The Russian ability Mobilize instantly creates all queued units while 'For the Motherland' instantly heals all Russian units. Also, the preview reveals a French ability: Embargo, which stops enemies from creating units for a period of time. Explained are the French’s abilities to traverse through forests and camouflage their towers as trees. Finally, although it may be a translation error, the article mentions the resources Gold and Iron. It was thought at first, that Iron was not going to be a resource.

Rick Goodman Presentation in Madrid (Spanish)
July 4, 2003 by Meristation
In this preview by the Spanish network, Meristation updates us on two very important pieces of information. Confirmed are the last two civilizations: France and Russia. Along with China, England, Germany, United States and Korea, the total amount of civs is now finalized at seven. Also, the article confirms the release date at October.

PCGames.de Preview (German)
July 4, 2003 by PCGames.de
This very short preview does not provide much new information. It summarizes already known information. However, there was an interesting point about the English having a Lend Lease technology, which gives free men and resources. Also, the English seem to have a reforestation technology. It is very likely the translation was wrong, and this in fact is the United Kingdom, not England.

GameAxis Preview
June 15, 2003
GameAxis previews Empires in this informative article. The preview emphasizes on units, their abilities, their looks and their strategic value. We finally get a glimpse on how the upgrades work in Empires, it being similar to Empire Earth. The preview also comments on Empire’s current state in development and the new features available. Included are some VERY high quality screens of their playtesting.

GameReactor Preview (Swedish)
June 3, 2003
This Swedish GameReactor preview describes the many uses for units in Empires. While not much new information is given, it does some with a bonus interview. It seems though, that Rick was a bit evasive to most of the questions. The preview also discusses a bit about Rick Goodman’s past with Ensemble Studios. The English translation can be found here

The Wargamer Preview
May 24, 2003
The Wargamer Preview is not necessarily a preview, it is more of a quick summary of Empires. It is very short and not very informative. Interestingly though, The Wargamer gave Empires: Dawn of the Modern World their "Best of Show - E3 2003 award" in the genre of Historical Strategy.

GameBiz.com.au Preview
May 15, 2003
Much of the preview relates to older news that can be found in the GameSpot and IGN previews. The articles mentions that Empires is meant to entertain both the hardcore and casual gamers. In an interesting bit, the article states that each civilization has a "break through technology". Whether this is relating to special abilities or something else is unknown. Finally, there is an update on Empires' progress, which is at 60%.

GameZone Preview
May 15, 2003
The GameZone preview is really a very quick summary of well known information that already has been released by Stainless Steel Studios. It does not present any new information. However, it is only a first look, a follow up Preview may be in the works.

IGN Preview
May 14, 2003
In this preview, IGN describes the many units in Empires. The preview is informative for those hoping to learn more about arsenal of vehicles and infantry available to each civilization. The preview details the uses for many units very accurately and describes good uses for them. Also, IGN explains how civilizations like the United States are introduced. Finally, IGN speculates on what the two unknown civs will be.

Games Domain Preview
May 2003
In this article, Games Domain previews Empires: Dawn of the Modern World at this year’s E3. The preview itself did not contain any new information we do not already know. However, the article does speculate on the success of Empires and does a nice job of summarizing the game. If anything, the article was well written.

GameSpot Preview
April 28, 2003
The GameSpot preview capitalizes on what the AtomicPC preview didn’t explain: the game, the features and information. Being one of the earliest Previews, it was certainly the most informative. The preview gives a quick explanation of each civ, their special unit and their special powers. The preview also explained the features of the upgraded Empire Earth engine. For being one of the earliest, it was certainly the most informative. A must read for those just learning about Empires.

Meristation Preview (Spanish)
April 28, 2003
This Meristation is the first in-depth preview of Empires for Spanish speakers. Coming out the same day as the GameSpot preview, this article gives a first glimpse at Empires. The preview however, is not as detailed at the GameSpot preview. It does though, give good commentary on the features of Empires. The preview also explains a good deal about the engine and how Stainless Steel gathered the gamer’s opinion when making Empire.

PCGamer Preview Part One; Two
April 2003
Located in our Screenshots Gallery, this preview was done by PCGamer and printed in their April 2003 issue. Being one of the very first previews of Empires (although dated April 2003, the issue was on sale March 2003). Considering the write-date of this preview was some time in February, the article is extremely informative. The preview reveals the first three civilizations: England, Germany and Korea. Also, it does a good job of describing units such as the English swordsmen, pestilence cow and surgeon or the Korean monk and rocket-arrow cart. Other things mentioned include the techtree, the campaign, multiplayer and the upgraded engine. An overall must read.

Atomic PC Preview
March 31, 2003
This preview by AtomicPC is the first preview for Empires: Dawn of the Modern world. It is more of a "journal of happenings" rather than a preview because there was little information given. However, this is the first preview, so the information is fresh off the press. The author also speculates a lot on what he is seeing. A good read nevertheless.

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