ThePerfectCore's PC Building Guide

It happens everyday.

Someone runs out to buy the latest and greatest in computer gaming software, and end up with one giant headache when their machine fails to meet the requirements. It's a fact, folks - games are getting bigger, better, and more complex. Your little K6 300mhz Compaq desktops just aren't going to cut it anymore.

By request, I am writing this guide as a service to the HeavenGames community and the members that are a part of it. Hopefully someone can use this info to build an uber-machine and dump their current crapper, and finally get down to playing whatever it is that's out now; AoM, RoN, Empires, whatever. I'm not going to make specific hardware recommendations, because I want this thing to stay valid for more than a weeks. I'm just going to explain what each component does, and pointers on what to look for.

The first component to consider when planning a new machine is yourself. What do you use your PC for? If you said gaming, what kind of gaming? Light gaming with DOS emulators? Or heavy gaming with UT2k3 turn to full details? If you said internet browsing, what kind of browsing? Light or heavy? Do you just check Yahoo news once every morning, or have you made it your goal in life to eventually download (and print a hardcopy) of the entire internet?

Obviously heavy PC use will call for high-end components. Although, a PC built for heavy gaming doesn't necessarily mean it'll fill the shoes of a PC built for heavy internet browsing, and vice versa. How do you decide which type of machine needs what kind of parts? I'll explain this, and other things, on a component-to-component basis.

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