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HG Visits SSSI

In November of 2003, Angel Socvazius and Angel Zen visited the offices of Stainless Steel Studios in Cambridge, Massachusetts. While there, they conducted several interviews and gathered quite a bit of information; this page will list all of the articles and interviews released thus far from the visit, definitely take a look at them!

Visit Writeup Date: 11/12/03
"Lunch arrived and the entire SSSI staff came pouring into the room, including ourselves. Everyone grabbed something to eat and sat down to devour the food before something came by and stole it. I swear Boggy was eyeing my sandwich the entire time, he was up to somethin'."

Interview with Rick Goodman Date: 12/11/03
"I donít suppose Iím [a visionary], so I usually decline to answer questions about the future because I donít know any more about it than you do. And if you speculate about the future, youíre bound to be just as accurate about it as I am. Although, it is part of our job to figure that [the future] out if we want to be a successful company."

Interview with Beran Peter Date: 2/25/04
"A producer is a really a person that will take a lead in the relationship with the publisher because the publisher is responsible for delivering the schedule."

Interview with Jason, Buildings Artist Date: 6/7/04
"Total, we schedule about 60 hours to do each building; sometimes we can get 1 1/2 or 2 buildings in a crunch time week, depending on how long it takes to do each building."

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