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The War Of 1812 (part 1)

Author File Description
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Version: Empires: Retail Release
The bottom of the map is where The British Plenned to Attack the U.s.a and Bombard the fort (army in this scn)and ther other part of this scn is to your right where the British planned to attack with infantry and some cannons and the U.S.A defends.
This scn took about 3 days to complete and since it's my first it will not be great. Like I said this scn i based on the Incredible war of 1812, I recomend this scn for multiplayer use because the computer isn't great at This scn.
If you think something is not histroically correct please feel free to post up a comment. I will be having a second part to this scn coming soon!

Please rate on anything you can ,and if you find any glitches\bugs or anything goes wrong my email is IamaGamer14@hotmail.com and my EDOTMW online name is
{]BADMANZ{}Iownoobs, Thank You

- Fixed A few Bugs.
- Added More detail to map.
- Gave more units to the British.

- More detail to map.
- Fixed another bug.
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File Author
alright guys i am very very very eager to get a review/comment so if you would PLEASE do one of those 2 it would help me out a lot!! Thank You

[Edited on 04/19/06 @ 08:18 PM]

File Author
If you were One Of the First 4 people to download this scn redownload because it seems i have made a mistake and the 1812 scn is a diff scn. Thank you and sorry for the incovinience.

[Edited on 04/07/06 @ 03:33 PM]

Talon Karrde
Map Design1.2
Playability: 1.2
This scenario isn't the funnest to play, nor does it actually come close to being remotely fun generally. A combination of factors lead to this poor state of affairs, which include poor balance, lack of creativity, awful map design and a non-existant story. The effect of the lack of these things is greater than their sum, as the amazing lack of quality in all of these overpower the player and cause him to lose the will to play this scenario.

Balance: 1.6
This was probably the best part of the scenario. While most battles were ridiculously easy, such that they were almost pathetic, in the end my men actually died sometimes too because of some Arabian (well, Ming actually) super-cavalry with ridiculous amounts of attack. I still killed them too, though, in the end because the player is given a fairly large army, and by large I mean if you gathered it all in one place you couldn't select more than a fifth of them at most. Finally, the designer expects the player to believe Jerusalem, which has double walls and a copious amount of towers...without siege weapons.

Creativity: 1.3
Well, I don't suppose anyone before has actually masqueraded a Crusades scenario as one that details the War of 1812, so points for that. Otherwise, there's little to recommend this in a creative sense, no creative eye-candy, or a storyline at all, the dialogue is bland, the premise of the scenario obviously got confused somewhere between the designer's mind and the editor. In all, this scenario is thoroughly lacking in the creativity department.

Map Design: 1.2
The map design is very minimalist, so minimalist that it may be said that there was absolutely no effort put into it. There are incredibly vast expanses of one terrain, and there probably aren't more than five terrains used on the entire map anyway. At least the designer managed to use elevations, but there isn't any sort of GAIA object or eye-candy in sight, anywhere. There really isn't much more to say, there's literally nothing there.

Story/Instructions: 1
I understood this scenario to be about the war of 1812 between the British and the Americans. Instead, what I got was something on the Third Crusade, with Richard, Saladin, and for some reason, John was in the Holy Land as well. However, the scenario did not tell me this, it just kind of left me to infer for myself, as I was seeing large expanses of sand, some guy named Richard the Lionhearted speaking some guy named Saladin's Almohod cavalry coming straight at them. This entire lack of anything vaguely resembling a coherent story is a complete lack fo objectives. There is nothing present in the scenario to increase the score of this category higher than the rock bottom.

Additional Comments:
- This needs a lot of work, in everything.
File Author
hey dude thx for the review, this was my first scn,so like i aid don't expect much :p, i hope my other ones are better

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Map Design1.2
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